Release 6591: php-xdebug for PHP 7.3 for hypernode-docker

In this release we update the version of php-xdebug in our repositories from 2.6.0+2.5.5-byte2 to 2.7.2+2.5.5-byte3. We updated to this new version in order to add support for the new PHP 7.3 (which since yesterday has also been available in the latest version of the docker). While it is not possible to use php-xdebug on […]

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Release 6586: PHP 7.3 available on Hypernode

Today we’re making PHP 7.3 available on Hypernode. In yesterday’s changelog some of the changes we did to incorporate this new version into our platform were described, and today we will be adding the option for customers to change to this new version in their production environment. You can switch to this new version of […]

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Release 6582: Sudo security update CVE-2019-14287

In this release we have updated the sudo package to address CVE-2019-14287. Yesterday a security vulnerability was announced where commands could be made to run as root using sudo if called with a specially crafted user ID. While we were not vulnerable to this attack, we have deployed this update to all Hypernodes, as additional […]

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Release 6581: Preparing Hypernode for PHP 7.3, Magento 2.3.3 preinstall and sample data

Now that Magento 2.3.3 has been released we have been preparing our platform for supporting PHP 7.3. Magento now officially supports PHP 7.3 since this new version. PHP 7.3 is supposed to be slightly faster than PHP 7.2 for specific work-loads, check out these benchmarks by Phoronix. In order to support this new version of […]

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Release 6570: php-apcu can be enabled via the hypernode-api

In this release we have added the new functionality of being able to enable the php-apcu PHP module using the hypernode-api. This module is required for running Akeneo and it can also be used by Shopware. We will not enable this module by default as it might get in the way of your Magento performance. […]

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Release 6552: Upgrading php-common to 2:69

In this release we’re upgrading php-common from 1:35ubuntu6 to We’re preparing to add out of the box support for Akeneo, but for that we require php-apcu. The version we’re shooting for depends on [php-common (>= 2:69~)], so that’s why we’re upgrading this. We’ve recently had a lot of requests from people to run Akeneo […]

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Release 6538: hypernode-oom-protect uses correct cwd, hypernode-ssl-config-generator handles multiple DNS names

In this release we have updated some of the tools in our Python bundle of system utilities. hypernode-oom-protect will now report the correct current working directory before:


hypernode-ssl-config-generator can now handle multiple DNS names in the dehydrated domains.txt Example:

Resulting NGINX config before:

Resulting NGINX config after:

Changes will […]

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Release 6443: hypernode-oom-protect bugfix, elasticsearch logs readable by app user

In this release we have implemented a bugfix that will make it so that children of processes spawned by hypernode-oom-protect will not be flagged as ‘allowed to be out of memory killed’ anymore. This would happen automatically within one minute, which was unintended behavior. On Hypernode we have a periodic task that checks all unprivileged […]

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Release 6364: Magento 2 preinstall updated to 2.3.2

Magento released the new Magento 2 version 2.3.2 yesterday. The Magento 2 preinstall on Hypernode has been updated to this new version. The new preinstalled version when you order a Hypernode will now be 2.3.2.

If you want to try out this new Magento version with the official sample data (the Luma demo shop) […]

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Release 6360: PHP 7.2 updated to 7.2.19, libsodium updated for Magento 2.3.2

In this release we will update our PHP 7.2 installation from 7.2.16 to 7.2.19. We compiled this new version to include sodium 1.17, following last week Thursday’s posting on the Magento DevBlog about the system requirements for the new and upcoming Magento Open Source and Commerce v2.3.2. While libsodium was already available on Hypernode for […]

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