Release 4779: Kernel upgrade for CVE-2017-5754 (Meltdown)

Over the course of today and yesterday we updated all DigitalOcean Hypernodes to the 4.4.0-109 kernel with the Meltdown fix. There are still some nodes that haven’t been rebooted into the new kernel because we could not create a preventive backup or because of other issues. Owners of these machines will be contacted with further … Continued

Release 4735: Upper limit on active PHP requests per IP

PHP requests per IP Now that the new year has begun and the holiday season is coming to an end we’re lifting the deployment halt for this year. Like always, we’ve abstained from making big changes to the Hypernodes in the last couple of months to facilitate smooth sailing during the busiest period in E-commerce. … Continued

Release 4625: Tweaked checking interval in the PHP-FPM GONE slayer

This release includes a slight optimization in how we handle requests that are already processing where visitors of Magento shops click away when the server is under high load. Smart request handling on Hypernode On Hypernode servers we do various things to filter out unnecessary work. Under normal load these mechanism aren’t really noticeable but … Continued

Release 4589: Brotli enabled on all Hypernodes, PHP 7.0.25

In this release we have enabled Brotli on all Hypernodes. Google Brotli Compression Brotli is the often requested generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm by Google that can achieve a compression ratio of 20 to 26% higher than their previous Zopfli compression algorithm. This can give the performance of your shop an edge in low bandwidth situations … Continued

Release 4582: Updated and configurable SSL ciphers

Updated SSL cipher suites We updated our SSL settings to the Mozilla Intermediate configuration. We now support a larger range of secure ECDSA ciphers. Several unused DSS ciphers have been removed, in favor of more popular and secure RSA ciphers. The Mozilla Intermediate configuration is advised by Mozilla for websites that need to support a … Continued

Release 4566: Increased NGINX map_hash_bucket_size

In this release, we have increased the NGINX map_hash_bucket_size from the default 64 to 128. This change will allow longer lines in map includes. This is convenient in situations like the external whitelist include we describe in this article about Magento and smarter 404 handling. For example, the app/force404.txt in that article will now be … Continued

Release 4560: Varnish Edge Side Includes over HTTPS

Problems with non-loading ESI blocks fixed We’ve updated our Varnish configuration to include the -p feature=+esi_ignore_https flag by default for new Hypernodes. We’ve updated this because of problems with ESI (Edge Side Includes) blocks not loading when retrieved using site-wide HTTPS with Varnish enabled in Magento 2 stores. As Varnish does not natively support HTTPS, ESI … Continued

Release-4453: Renamed hypernode-importer3 to hypernode-importer

In this release we have renamed the new version of the hypernode-importer to hypernode-importer (before it was named hypernode-importer3). The old version of the hypernode-importer will not be completely removed yet, but instead has been renamed to hypernode-importer-legacy for backwards compatibility. For more information about changes in the new importer, see this earlier changelog. Other … Continued

Release-4424: Bugfix for maintenance mode in hypernode-importer3

This release brings a minor bugfix for hypernode-importer3 (and the service panel importer). Previously if the –set-maintenance-on-source flag was used to set the original shop in maintenance mode, the importer would fail if the maintenance mode flag was removed on the Hypernode the shop was imported on before the entire import had been completed. Because … Continued

Release-4398: hypernode-magerun magerun2 modules installed system wide

In this Hypernode changelog we discuss the latest changes made to the hypernode-magerun package and the hypernode-image-optimizer. Hypernode-magerun In this release we’ve updated the hypernode-magerun package to install some modules for magerun2 system wide. Currently this only includes the hypernode:performance command.

For more information about using the hypernode:performance command with magerun2, see this earlier … Continued

Release 4373: Importer improvements, log parser bugfixes and more

This release brings a new version of hypernode-importer3, some bugfixes for hypernode-parse-nginx-log and various changes to our cloud operations job processing backend. Magento path discovery in the importer is now breadth first The hypernode-importer3 tool will now find the top level Magento in the specified path. If a path was supplied that contained a Magento … Continued

Release-4352: Updated magerun-hypernode

We’ve added a new version of magerun-hypernode to our repositories. Changes since the last release:

Note that this update does not automatically enables the hypernode:performance command globally for magerun2 yet, but you can read here how to already include it yourself. However this does allow you to use the magerun (not magerun2) module to … Continued

Release-4333: Install/prepare PHP 5.6 release

In preparation for the PHP 5.6 release, we are installing PHP 5.6 alongside the other PHP versions. The ability to use PHP 5.6 for your shop will follow soon. Additionally, we now allow LOAD DATA INFILE queries from all locations

Release-4295: Updating php-redis, php-imagick and blackfire

PHP 5.6 preparations In preparation for the PHP 5.6 release we’ve rebuilt the php-redis and php-imagick PHP modules. These have already been re-built for existing PHP versions (PHP 5.5 & PHP 7). In addition they are also built for PHP 5.6 now. Blackfire updates We’ve also updated our Blackfire probes: blackfire-agent 1.11.0 -> 1.14.1 blackfire-php … Continued

Release-4293: New hypernode-importer3 with Magento 2 support

In the past month we re-wrote the hypernode-importer from scratch to fix a couple of issues, added some new functionalities and made it more efficient. Now it supports Magento 2, handles special characters in database passwords and imports the database and file-system in parallel. Hypernode-importer3 – loads of new options The original hypernode-importer will still … Continued

Release-4252: Automatic recovery delayed at night

We’ve changed our automatic recovery to be delayed at night. When a server goes offline or becomes unresponsive, an automated process attempts certain rescue strategies in order to resolve the issue. Some customers run cron jobs at night which would cause database locks and effectively causing their websites to go offline. Our recovery is now … Continued

Release-4236: Gzip vector based images by default and more

In this release GZIP compression in NGINX for vector based images is enabled by default. In the past this was already configurable by adding custom GZIP types to your NGINX config, but enabling this in the default config is a sensible default. The following image formats are now compressed: image/svg image/svg+xml image/eps. Suggested by Mark … Continued

Release-4224: add php snappy module

We’ve added the snappy compression algorithm to PHP. Snappy offers much higher compression/decompression speeds compared to gzip, at a slight compression ratio cost. This is taken from the Squash Benchmark, which is a good overview over various compression algorithms vs various input data. From the above benchmarks, using the core i-7 machine together with the … Continued

Release-4199: Various improvements

We’ve fixed a bug where nginx configuration was not correctly re-generated when using let’s encrypt and enabling/disabling varnish. This could have resulted in SSL domains pointing towards varnish while varnish was disabled/not running resulting in a 502 error. Now depending configurations are re-generated correctly when changes are being applied. We’ve added TLS support for FTP … Continued

Release-4164: Varnish 4.1.3 and Nginx 1.13.1

Today we will be gradually rolling out a version update of Varnish and Nginx on the Xenial Hypernodes. Nginx will be upgraded from nginx/1.10.2 to nginx/1.13.1. The changelog for the differences between these versions can be found here. Our current 1.10.2 build has IPv6 disabled, which we expected to be fine since the Hypernodes do … Continued

Release-4091: Varnish improvements

We’ve improved how our code manages the varnish installation for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial and Ubuntu 12.04 Precise nodes. fixed configured vcl being lost on full update (16.04 Xenial) fixed configured vcl being lost between node migrations (16.04 Xenial) fixed varnish getting reinstalled on full update (16.04 Xenial) fixed varnish getting restarted on full update (12.04 … Continued

Release-3981: Deny specific configuration files on magento1 installations

We’ve moved certain security restrictions from the magento2 configuration into the global magento1/2 security configuration file. In specific the following files are no longer reachable from external: auth.(json|lock) package.(json|lock) composer.(json|lock) Gruntfile.js cron.php Hidden files are also denied with a 403 now instead of a 404. Furthermore we’re working hard on the Xenial migration. Many changes … Continued

Release-3943: Xenial hypernode-vagrant

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been very busy preparing to upgrade Hypernode to the latest LTS version Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial. While for Hypernode we highly modify the Ubuntu base, upgrading to this newer version will have many advantages like newer releases of various packages. For Hypernode we build all important parts of the … Continued

Release 3914: n98-magerun weak password tester

We’ve released a new version of the Hypernode plugin for n98-magerun, that you can use to test weak admin passwords. As admin accounts are increasingly brute forced, it is essential that you don’t use “guessable” passwords (such as steven123). This plugin will show you weak passwords in your store. More information, run magerun hypernode:crack:admin-passwords –help … Continued

Release-3864: IP authentication exceptions on development plans

In this release it becomes possible to whitelist IP addresses on development plans, so that they are exempt from the basic authentication requirements. This may be useful to test external payment providers or other kind of external services which do no support basic auth. The whitelist file is placed in /data/web/nginx/whitelist-development-exception.conf and looks like this: … Continued

Release-3774: Mitigate CVE-2017-6074 and firewall known bot networks

Today’s release implements two security measures on Hypernode. Yesterday a new double-free vulnerability was announced in the Linux kernel. We’ve implemented some rules to mitigate this vulnerability until all nodes are running the new patched kernel. Additionally we’ve seen an increase on brute-force attacks on the Magento /downloader. In this release we blacklist a range … Continued

Release-3732: Let’s Encrypt Nginx configs are generated without www. prefix

Today we will update the hypernode-ssl-config-generator so that it generates Nginx server definitions without a www. prefix in the server name. This additional server_name was unneeded because dehydrated only creates certificates for the domain you specified, not automatically also a www. domain. A new config will automatically be generated the next time you run dehydrated … Continued

Release-3657: Whitelist Sendcloud

This release contains a change to the default Nginx whitelist that makes SendCloud exempt from the standard bot ratelimit. The FPM slot limit still applies. Users can further configure their ratelimiting settings in the Nginx config in /data/web/nginx. Also in this release: more tweaks to the WAF for yesterday’s RCE mitigation The Cart2Quote development team … Continued

Release-3636: New WAF rules to mitigate RCE in two plugins

We’ve added new rules to our web application firewall to block hacking attempts relating to a remote code execution exploit found in the EM_Ajaxproducts and Ophirah_Qquoteadv plugins. We scanned all Hypernodes, if your shop had any of these two plugins installed you will have received an email with more specific information. Other changes in this … Continued

Release-3586: Updated composer

We’ve changed our composer update itself with the –stable flag. Freshly provisioned nodes however did not understand this flag yet, due to the initially deployed composer being too old. We’ve updated composer in our repository so that all new nodes will be able to update themselfs to the latest stable composer.

Release-3513: Updating MySQL to 5.6.33

We are in the process of updating MySQL to the latest version, to get the latest improvements and security fixes. Last night we updated all Hypernodes with starting letters U-Z. Tonight we will update all Hypernodes with starting letters M-T. Tomorrow night all Hypernodes with the starting letters A-L and 0-9 will be updated.   … Continued

Release-3470: Improved auto recovery

We’ve improved our auto recovery to automatically attempt fix filesystem inconsistencies on boot. In rare occasions a Hypernode would be forced to reboot off an uncleanly closed filesystem. On boot it would then prompt asking what to do (if it should recover). A recovery is now automatically attempted, reducing recovery time for these cases.

Release-3347-1: update PHP7 to 7.0.13-1

Today’s release updates PHP on PHP 7 Hypernodes and other minor changes. PHP 7 updated from 7.0.12-1 to 7.0.13-1. You can look at our packaging here if you are interested in that sort of stuff. The hypernode-importer can skip Magento path autodetection If the host has many files in the directories where the hypernode-importer will … Continued

Release-3411: Automatic recovery

For all Hypernodes, whose first letter begins with M-Z, we’ve enabled a new automatic recovery feature today. All Hypernodes starting with letters A-L will receive this feature as well in due time. Should a Hypernode become unreachable or unresponsive, our automation will attempt to resolve the problem before alerting one of our technicians. The automation … Continued

Release-3405: new hypernode-importer features, tweaks in memory management

Today we deployed some changes to the hypernode-importer which might end up saving you some time when migrating a Magento shop to a Hypernode or a local hypernode-vagrant development environment. The –set-maintenance-on-source flag This new option for the hypernode-importer enables you to automatically put the Magento installation you are importing from in maintenance mode before … Continued

Release-3377: Remove HHVM for new Hypernodes

As of now newly ordered Hypernodes will not have HHVM available anymore. Support can re-enable HHVM for you, should it really be necessary. We recommend everyone to use PHP7 instead. It delivers an even better performance boost and is better maintained by the community.    

Release-3359: NGINX config reloader no longer allows absolute includes

We’ve updated the NGINX config reloader to not allow absolute includes. Absolute includes worked against the NGINX config reloader. The purpose of the config reloader is to ensure that the live config is syntactically correct and working, having an outside dependency (include) that can change the running live config can cause NGINX to no longer come up. Specifically the following includes are … Continued

Release-3331: Increased server_names_hash_bucket_size and more

In this release we made a couple of minor changes to our configurations on Hypernode. Increased the server_names_hash_bucket_size to 128 The server_names_hash_bucket_size NGINX config value was increased from 64 to 128 as it was causing issues with longer domain names. For example previously trying to generate an SSL configuration for domains of a certain length … Continued

Release-3323: Let’s Encrypt support [BETA]

In this release we started rolling out compatibility with Let’s Encrypt auto-renewal. Previously it was already possible to use Let’s Encrypt certificates on Hypernode by uploading them to the service panel, but the real beauty of Let’s Encrypt is in it’s short lived certificates which can be automatically updated. Requesting a Let’s Encrypt certificate on … Continued

Release-3294: new magerun commands, prepare for Let’s Encrypt

This release contains an update of the wildly popular Hypernode & Elgentos n98-magerun modules. Import change: all Hypernode commands can now be found in the hypernode:* namespace (see a list here). Also, we have released software to support Let’s Encrypt in an upcoming release shortly.    

Release-3274: NGINX upgrade for all remaining nodes

Today all Hypernodes starting with N-Z and 0-9 will be upgraded to a newer NGINX version. Additionally we made some changes to our Web Application Firewall (WAF). If you notice something out of the usual or think this new configuration is somehow clashing with your NGINX configuration, please contact us.

Release-3272: PHP 7 update to version 7.0.10

We’ve deployed the latest PHP 7.0 to all nodes running PHP 7.0. This is PHP 7.0.10, that contains a couple minor security fixes. Please find the changelog here:      

Release-3270: NGINX upgrade, hypernode-importer can use a jumphost

Today all Hypernodes starting with the letters A-M will be upgraded to a newer NGINX version. Additionally we made some changes to our Web Application Firewall (WAF). If you notice something out of the usual or think this new configuration is somehow clashing with your NGINX configuration, please contact us. Also we upgraded the globally … Continued

Release-3229: per IP PHP worker limit for all (remaining) nodes

The per IP dynamic worker limit is now enabled for all nodes starting with N-Z and 0-9. Any IP address who is using too many PHP workers (already) will receive a 429 error code on their next request. Documentation on how to whitelist IPs or disable this feature can be found in our knowledge base.

Release-3204: installed Node.js, Compass and Sass

We installed Compass and Sass, a CSS pre-compiler that provides organizable, reusable CSS. This tool received 18 votes on our Uservoice. Please let us know if you have any issues with the versions we’ve provided, as they come from the default 12.04 repositories. Also, we installed Node.js (version 0.10.37) by default on all Hypernodes. No need to install … Continued

Release-3168: New n98-magerun commands for Varnish and more

We released a few minor changes and improvements to the platform: We’ve added two new Magerun commands for Varnish:

We’ve installed ‘zip’. Allow files from within /.well-known/ folder as per RFC5785. It’s used for discovery of policy or other information by Apple’s appstore, Let’s Encrypt and others. We’ve added a cron and monitoring to … Continued

Release-3138: filter against amasty feed vulnerability

We’ve release a filter for the amasty feed plugin vulnerability (more information here). Anyone using this plugin should update immediately! The filter is placed inside /data/web/nginx/amastyfeed.conf. If you updated your plugin and want to disable the filter, please comment out the filters in that file. We now also deny any requests made towards the /shell/ … Continued

Release-3114: per IP PHP worker limit

We will be (slowly) releasing a limit for how many PHP workers a source IP can use. Initially we will allow a source IP to use all but 2 PHP workers, in the long run this limit may get set even lower. Today we released this change for all Hypernodes starting with the letter A. … Continued

Release-3112: Rotate nginx logs by size

Rotate nginx logs every hour if they are larger than 200MB. This is to avoid using excessive disk space for access logs on the root partition. For the most successful hypernodes rotating the logs on a nightly basis was no longer enough. Instead of keeping 14 logs we now keep the last 30 rotated logs.

Release-3110: Mitigate httpoxy

Today a set of vulnerabilities was disclosed surrounding CGI-like environments. Luckily due to Hypernode’s thoroughly tested continuously integrated deployment environment we were able to roll out a mitigation strategy on all Hypernodes quickly and safely soon after the news broke. block the HTTP_PROXY header from being passed on to PHP-FPM The Nginx configuration now contains … Continued

Release-3014: Varnish pipe_timeout and more streamlined SOLR migrations

Longer pipe_timeout for Varnish. Click here for more information. We added -p pipe_timeout=300 to the Varnish DEAMON_OPTS SOLR is stopped and started during migrations to prevent stale locks from being transferred Lock out the app user during crucial parts of migrations for safer upgrades Improved the automatic cron flocking pattern matching The hypernode-importer also synchronises … Continued

Release-3085: Vagrant updates

We’ve been gradually improving our standard of quality for the Magento Vagrant development environment hypernode-vagrant. This is becoming increasingly important with the growing adaptation of the boxfile among our customers and other Magento developers. This week we have deployed various changes to both increase ease of use and performance. package the latest virtualbox guest additions … Continued

Release 3071: SSH with password, new DC, Magento 2.1

Release 3071 brings a lot of goodness to your Hypernode. The default DigitalOcean data center where Start, Grow and Go Big Hypernodes are booted has been changed. The Magento 2 install on new Trial accounts has been updated to version 2.1 (trials with Magento 1 are still possible). Using SSH on your Hypernode is now possible with the … Continued

Release 3056: disabling old staging ports

Today’s release disables the old staging ports and includes some other changes. Recently we added more conventional staging ports for better integration with Adyen and Cloudflare as requested here on our Uservoice. Now a few weeks later we are removing the old and deprecated staging ports 10080 and 10443. If you are still using the … Continued

Release 3054: new image optimizer

This release brings several improvements to the hypernode-image-optimizer: –experimental: 2-3 times slower but 30-50% better compression Max image size default changed from 1000 to 2000 pixels (image optimizer) Runs on lowest I/O priority so heavy optimize jobs will not clash with regular performance. Also, we implemented many improvements to support the Hypernode Vagrant image.

Release 3006: Varnish backend timeout increased to 15 minutes

We’ve updated the Varnish -> Nginx timeout to be in sync with the Nginx -> PHP handler timeout. When using Varnish in the past long backend tasks would timeout too early, Varnish would close the connection towards Nginx early. Now Varnish will timeout after 15 minutes, which is the same compared to non-Varnish Hypernode users.

Release 2990: New locations for DigitalOcean

This release brings you: Booting DigitalOcean Hypernode’s in multiple datacenter locations worldwide on request php7cc installed by default so you can easily check PHP 7 compatibility of your codebase from the command line Updated modman to 1.12 Disable weak SSH ciphers: arcfour, arcfour128 and arcfour256

Release 2955: Higher max_packet_size for MySQL

We’re increasing the max_packet_size in MySQL from 32mb to 64mb in order to ease imports and to fix backups for some nodes. Existing nodes will not notice this since a restart is needed for this to take effect, which will happen when we will execute a MySQL update. Also in this release: adjust gone-posts killer … Continued

Release 2952: Update PHP to 7.0.6-1

This release updates PHP from 7.0.5-3 to 7.0.6-1.   There is a known PHP issue that affects our code compiler when using PHP 7.0.5. We recommend you not use PHP 7.0.5. See: Other changes: – mark uptimerobot as a non-bad bot – update Hypernode/Elegentos modules to be compatible with the latest magerun – depend … Continued

Release 2935: Workaround for ImageMagick CVE-2016-3714

We’re updating all hypernodes to include the workaround specified by ImageMagick for CVE-2016-3714 until the fixed ImageMagick releases will become available. This will effectively disable the following four “coders” (modules): HTTPS, EPHEMERAL, MVG, MSL

Release 2932: Update PHP 5.5 ioncube loader

During today’s PHP 5.4 to PHP 5.5 migration some customers reported problems with the ioncube loader in PHP 5.5. This release updates the ioncube loader to 5.1.2 in order to fix the following error:

Release 2911: Rate limit HTTP code now 429

Our rate limiter kicks in when foreign bots (non-search engines) hammer your shop. Previously, they were rejected with a HTTP 503 code (temporarily unavailable). This has been changed into 429 (too many requests) as that is a more apt response. Also, we have added better out-of-band access for our operations department, in case something is … Continued

Release 2902: Solr for Excellence plans, fixed session cleaner

11 April 2017: due to low demand we deprecated SOLR in favor of sphinx. Starting now we don’t sell SOLR plans anymore. In today’s release we have: Solr is available on request for all Excellence Hypernodes. Please contact Support if you’d like it enabled. We moved the sessions from one place to the other. We … Continued

Release 2871: manage server name with custom_server_name and an expansion on our monitoring

Release 2871 brings a new variable $custom_server_name to control the custom server name instead of overwriting server_name directly. This fixes a potential configuration collision between licensing based on server_name and TLS certificate selection: server_name is used to select vhosts and the TLS certificates. It is also passed on to PHP as fastcgi_param so it shows … Continued

Release 2856: New Relic 6.2, now also for PHP 7.0

We’ve updated the New Relic agent to the latest version, which is compatible with PHP 7.0. So we’ve also added New Relic to PHP 7.0 when you enable it on the Service Panel. Also, we’ve made some tweaks to the OOM killer, which is a piece of software that is triggered when your Hypernode runs … Continued

Release 2846 – ftp/mysql firewall, php7 modules and much more!

It’s been a while but a lot has happened with Hypernode as always! Let’s get right to it: external FTP connections are now rejected by default, unless specific IP is whitelisted external MySQL connections are now rejected by default, unless specific IP is whitelisted PHP 7 has received extra modules: gd, zip  and soap We’ve … Continued

Release 2757: PHP 7, Vagrant LXC, API restricted and more

The moment is finally here! PHP 7 is available on Hypernode. These are the changes we’ve made since the last release: PHP 7 support New PHP version available: 7.0.4. You can upgrade in the service panel or try it out in the Vagrant Installed modules: Curl, GD, IMAP, intl, mbstring, mcrypt, mysql, ldap, pgsql, pspell, … Continued

Release 2684: Varnish 4.0.3 and Vagrant

We’ve been quite busy here at Byte, this changelog highlights some of the changes we made since the last reported release: Varnish 4.0.3 is now the default on new Hypernodes We will be reaching out to customers who are currently running Varnish 3 to discuss upgrading to Varnish 4. added esi_disable_xml_check flag to Varnish 4 … Continued

Release 2658: Magerun extensions

This release adds some great functionality to the preinstalled Magento Swiss army knife N98-Magerun: The handy extensions of Peter Jaap Blaakmeer have been added. Hypernode-sponsored features to check for updated modules and required patches.    

Release 2628: Http2 support, magento 2 pre-installed

We’ve updated our nginx webserver to include http2 support. All our hypernodes now have http2 enabled. Magento2 trials now get magento2 pre-installed, to make it much more convenient to explore Magento2. When ordering a normal hypernode trial, the pre-installed magento version is still Magento 1. In HHVM we’ve enabled the zend compatibility mode which makes … Continued

Release 2498: Magento2 support

Support for Magento2 has been in the works for a while. It started with the update to PHP 5.5 in release 2451. And now we have a first version of Magento2 support for Hypernodes. To get an Nginx config for Magento2: place a file named magento2.flag in /data/web/nginx/ Our Nginx config reloader will pick that … Continued

Release 2451: PHP 5.5 for new hypernodes

Hypernode changes: New hypernodes will be provisioned with php 5.5 All existing nodes remain on php 5.4, if you would like to switch to 5.5 please ask our support staff. In case a website on a hypernode gets hacked, we can now administratively disable the sites on it to prevent further damage. Improvements to our … Continued

Release 2384: Passive FTP through AWS, fdupes and various infrastructure changes

Hypernode changes: Added fdupes to hypernode stack for deduplicating images Passive FTP through AWS is now supported Improvements to our deployment infrastructure: Tweaks to internal tools for faster access to all nodes More expansive monitoring of our internal systems Shorter cycle times for scaling our continuous deployment Persistent storage of job progress for inspection and … Continued

Release 1810: Varnish fixes, Turpentine continuous integration

So it’s been a busy week at Hypernode headquarters. There’s been lots of development on internal processes and customers testing Varnish brought up lots of interesting bugs to fix 🙂 This release brings you: Migrating nodes that have Varnish enabled will now just work ™ instead of crashing. We’ve created Jenkins jobs that test Hypernodes … Continued

Release 1767: Varnish support

This release features preliminary support for Varnish using the Turpentine module for Magento. The change should not affect current Hypernodes, because Varnish is disabled by default (requests are not routed through Varnish, nor is it started by default so it does not use up any memory). Customer overrides of Nginx should all still work. To … Continued

Release 1378: Fix memory issues, better Shoplift protection

Stability release: It was discovered that the php.ini memory_limit wasn’t enforced for PHP-FPM which would crash a node in extreme circumstances. Now a large but sane limit is enforced (256M for Start, 512M for all other Hypernodes). The filter that we installed to counter the immediate threat of Shoplift exploitation turned out to block a … Continued

Release 1294: inode monitoring

We’ve had quite a few cases recently where nodes became unresponsive due to the runaway creation of PHP sessions on the disk. In practice, a storage filesystem has two limits: size in bytes, and number of files (inodes). With this release, we actively monitor on the percentage of available inodes. Reaching the limit is an … Continued

Release 1283: New n98-magerun, php in skin dir

We have updated n98-magerun to version 1.95, which is the latest. Also, we fixed an issue with some themes that place PHP files in the skin or js directory. The themes use these to dynamically generate CSS or JS and will now be properly executed. Lastly, we improved the way we automatically filter shoplift attacks.  

Release 1209: SUPEE 5344 mitigation, Pip, Ruby, Sphinx

We have added filter rules to mitigate the Magento SUPEE 5344 attack for most cases. Be advised, if you haven’t patched your Magento installation yet, we strongly advise you to do this. Also in this release: Added the Python “pip” package manager on all nodes; Added the Ruby executable on all nodes; Added support for the Sphinx … Continued

Release 1133: More Magento brute force protection

After witnessing large scale brute force attacks at /downloader/ URLs (Magento Connect interface), we have extended our brute force filter. This will save resources and minimize the risk of hackers actually finding your password! Subjects are temporarily (2h) banned after trying 10 POSTs.

Release 1120: Query cache, CLI tools, Cache flush preparation

We have further tuned the query cache parameters for the Percona database server. This gives a few percent performance gain on most shops. Hypernode CLI tools are improved: you can now use, for example, tail -f /var/log/nginx/access.log | parse-nginx-log –php to see a live stream of PHP requests. Head to our knowledgebase for some more … Continued

Release 1073: Image optimizer, Subversion, HHVM restart

Quickly save 30% of Magento disk usage and loading speed for your visitors: this release introduces the hypernode-image-optimizer. Also Subversion is now installed (as requested by 42Functions) and HHVM does a conditional nightly restart to counter memory leaks.

Release 1003: Enable local staging environment (beta)

This release enables a BETA feature: run a staging environment on a different port. This way, you can quickly make a copy of a production shop to analyse a specific bug. Or publish your pending release, so that your customer can try it out. We invite early adopters to test it and let us know … Continued

Release 862: New Percona MySQL server fixes security bug

This is a MySQL server upgrade from version 5.6.16-64.2-569 to 5.6.22-71.0-726 and fixes a (low risk) bug that was recently published. No functional changes were discovered in the acceptance tests nor distilled from the Percona changelog, so everything should work as usual! The upgrade also squelches a warning from the Qualys scan. Upgrading took place … Continued

Release 827: New HHVM version: 3.4.2!

Update: the upgrade was rolled back until further notice, due to XML crashes. We’ve upgraded HHVM from version 3.3.0 to 3.4.2. Functionally speaking, this is a transparent upgrade for Magento. However, this solves an important memory leak issue, which in some cases could eat all of a server’s memory, causing it to crawl to a halt. … Continued

Release 656: scans security scan now succeeds The scans Qualys performs for often ran afoul of our intrusion detection system (IDS). We’ve now tweaked the IDS so, that Qualys can pass the test. Thanks for working with us on this, Pieter!

Release 641: SSLv3 no longer supported

Deprecated SSL protocol SSLv3 no longer supported Many techblogs have reported that a big security hole named POODLE was found in SSL version 3. This protocol version has been deprecated for years in favor of TLS. To keep our Hypernodes safe and care-free, we’ve decided to disable SSLv3 support. Impact The impact will be negligible: … Continued

Release 640: 404 optimization, Nginx config warnings in prompt

Missing media no longer triggers Magento 404 Our Nginx configuration contained a flaw that caused all missing media files (images, css, js) to be routed to Magento. Magento then renders a nice 404, but nobody is interested in that page. So we’ve changed the configuration to be more like the standard Magento config for Apache … Continued

Release 582: Magento brute force and vulnerability scanner protection

Magento Brute Force Protection Brute force attacks against popular web applications, such as WordPress and Magento, seems to be surging lately. Botnets use dictionaries and try to log in on the back-end with various common passwords. If this succeeds, it is easy to install a malware component to send spam, steal payment information etcetera. Even … Continued

Release 573: connect suppliers through FTP, Cloudflare support

You can now connect your suppliers through FTP As you might well know, FTP is an old protocol that is, at it’s core, unsafe to use. The protocol uses passwords, and worse, these are sent in plaintext. So up to now, we only offered an SSH logging, thus supporting SFTP, rsync and scp. Unfortunately, there … Continued

Release 540: New Relic for Hypernode, set base url in importer

New Relic for Hypernode We’ve added New Relic to our Hypernode stack. You can now inspect the performance of your shop with just a mouseclick. To enable this feature, go to the Service Panel and activate New Relic for your Hypernode now! Thanks, Gertjan! Other fixes Set the base URL when importing One common pitfall when … Continued

Release 535: rate limit for bots and more tools

Making sure you can handle bad bots #2 Update March 2016: we have changed the 503 response code (temporarily unavailable) to the – now standard – 429 (too many requests).  A few of our customers experienced a scenario where all available PHP worker slots were full. Mostly caused by errant bots, this scenario typically results in … Continued

Release 494: New PHP mysqlnd, new PHPmyAdmin

The new native mySQL driver for PHP has several advantages: better performance and better logging and statistics. Last weeks we have seen occasional “Lost connection to Mysql server” PDO exceptions which were unrelated to CPU load, I/O, mem usage, slow DB queries or persistent connections. With this upgrade we rule out the possibility of an … Continued

Release 473: begin FPM worker depletion monitoring

Making sure you can handle bad bots A few of our customers experienced a scenario where all available PHP worker slots were full. Mostly caused by errant bots, this scenario typically results in a slow site in mild cases, or timeouts for clients in heavy cases. We want to empower you and make sure you … Continued

Release 449: memory-only Redis

This Hypernode release brings a lot of small fixes. the Redis-database is no longer saved to disk. A drawback is that your cache in Redis will be flushed if Redis restarts, but the pro’s outweigh the cons :). Redis performance will get a boost and be more predictable because it doesn’t have to write to … Continued

Release 423: Updated HHVM fixes all currently known problems

Updated HHVM fixes all currently known problems We’ve updated our HHVM binary to the latest daily build. This build includes fixes for all currently known problems with HHVM. The HHVM team fixed a lot (!) of things, but our HHVM guru Daniel Sloof fixed the specific problems below for us. Thanks for championing them, Daniel! … Continued

Release 418: Importer now flushes Redis after import

Hypernode Importer tweaks We’re releasing two small fixes to our Hypernode Importer today. This is the tool that imports an existing Magento installation into your Hypernode.   It now flushes the Redis cache after it has finished importing. It can now properly handle modules that rewrite the Varien/Autoloader; most notably ExtendWare and AITOC modules.   … Continued

Release 410: properly set MAGE_RUN_TYPE and MAGE_RUN_CODE

We now properly set MAGE_RUN_TYPE and MAGE_RUN_CODE We’ve corrected an error in our Nginx configuration. We used to always set MAGE_RUN_TYPE to “store” and MAGE_RUN_CODE to “default” in your Magento environment. Luk van den Borne asked us to change this behaviour because it is incorrect. It leads to notorious problems with getting error 404 codes when … Continued

Release 405: magento sessions now properly cleaned up

Magento sessions now properly cleaned We’ve recently experienced a couple of outages for individual customers that exhausted the inode capacity on their Hypernode. That is techno-babble for “there were so many files that the disk was full” 🙂 This is an especially hard-to-detect problem for customers, because the maximum-number of files is difficult to monitor and … Continued

Release 399: phpMyAdmin now available for use

phpMyAdmin now available for use By popular request we’ve added phpMyAdmin to all Hypernode nodes. It is available at Note that phpMyAdmin is only available on the URL, but not on any of your storefronts. This ensures that our phpMyAdmin does not collide or interfere with any of your stores.   Read more about … Continued