Release 5139: Stricter SSH Encryption Algorithms

In this release we have made it possible to configure a stricter set of encryption ciphers for SSH. SSH can use a wide collection of algorithms to secure the connection between your client and the server. Over time some of those ciphers have become outdated and could be regarded as weak. Especially CBC ciphers have … Continued

Release 5131: Redis for sessions and AWS performance

With this changelog we introduce a couple of non-default, experimental features. As they are experimental, these features will only be made available on request. Redis for sessions Every Hypernode ships with a Redis instance, intended for cache usage. Currently we have disabled the ability to save its data to disk, making it entirely an in-memory … Continued

Release 5108: Dynamic min/max spare PHP-FPM processes

Today we will deploy a small tweak to the PHP-FPM configuration on Hypernode. Previously the amount of start and spare server processes was statically configured. From now on they will be dynamically configured based on the environment. This means that large Hypernodes will be slightly quicker to respond in case of a rapidly increasing number … Continued

Release 5077: New Relic updated to

We have updated the New Relic Agent to the latest version. New Relic is a profiling tool that can be used on your Hypernode to find performance issues and bottlenecks. The Agent consists of two parts. The daemon and the PHP extension. To update these we have added the latest versions of the following packages … Continued

Release 5069: hypernode-image-optimizer can now exclude directories

In this update we’ve added a new –exclude flag to the hypernode-image-optimizer. This option allows you to exclude specific subdirectories from the automated Magento image optimization. This can be handy in case you have already pre-optimized some images before deployment and you don’t want the optimizer to look at them again.

The hypernode-image-optimizer can … Continued

Release 5068: PHP 7.0.28, 7.1.15 and 5.6.34

In this release we’ve updated PHP to the latest versions. PHP 7.0 is updated from 7.0.27 to 7.0.28, PHP 7.1 is updated from 7.1.13 to 7.1.15 and PHP 5.6 from 5.6.33 to 5.6.34. The most notable change is that this fixes CVE-2018-7584, stack-buffer-overflow while parsing HTTP response. In PHP through 5.6.33, 7.0.x before 7.0.28, 7.1.x … Continued