[MageReport] Release 20180719.1 – Updated checks and new look & feel

Updated Brute Force Attacks check We have expanded the Brute Force Attacks check to scan additional paths for publicly available admin login pages. Please refer to our updated article for more information on how to protect your Magento installation from brute-force attacks. Updated Creditcard Hijack check We have updated the Creditcard Hijack check to identify several different … Continued

Release 5469: Log rotation and improved memory management

We’ve made several changes to our log rotation setup in this release. Here is a summary of the most important changes. Log rotation for SFTP We have noticed several Hypernodes gradually filling up their disk because the SFTP logs grew out of proportions. We prevent this by enabling log rotation on the SFTP logs. When … Continued

Release 5385: Behind the scenes improvements and other changes

This week we’ve been quite busy working on some behind the scenes improvements for the platform. Although there won’t be any noticeable impact for users, these type of changes are important because they make it so that Hypernode and its peripheral systems remain stable and can keep scaling as our user base grows. Summary of … Continued

Release 5299: hypernode-docker for Magento deployment and development

Today we deliver a feature that has been requested many times in the past couple of years: a hypernode-docker for local Magento development and deployment automation. Lately with the proliferation of continuous integration and automated deployments in the Magento space, partly because of improvements in the deployment lifecycle in Magento 2.2, but also because of … Continued

Release 5285: Phasing out PHP 5.5

As announced in the newsletter and via personal communication, today we are phasing out PHP 5.5 on the Hypernode platform. All Hypernodes that were on PHP 5.5 have been upgraded to PHP 5.6. If your shop was still running PHP 5.5 you will have received an email with prior notice. It is still possible to … Continued

Release 5278: New product range “Professional” with new DigitalOcean droplets, increased storage on Start and Grow

With this release, we’ve replaced the old “Magento Professional” product range with brand new “Magento Professional” products, in response to DigitalOcean changing their pricing and droplet structure. The new plans are very different from the old ones: the Magento Professional XL for instance has 16G memory, 8 cores and 128G disk, whereas the Magento Professional … Continued