New check ordering

We received a lot of feedback about the ordering of checks. Previously they would be ordered based on the most recently added checks, but this does not always make sense from a user’s perspective. For users it’s a lot more important that checks that fail are shown first so you can get an easy overview of what you need to fix. So from now on MageReport will show all failing checks first, then all unknown checks and then all passed checks. Note that failed checks start on the left and go down from there. We will try to make this more intuitive in the future.

Within this ordering the most recent check will still show up first. So a newly added check that fails will show at the top. Then, if there are more failing checks, they will be ordered on which was added most recently.

We’re always working on trying to improve MageReport, so if you have any more feedback please let us know at

Webgility update

The Webgility check has received an update. Since version 346 Webgility has fixed their RCE vulnerability. The check now checks for this version and should show green if you’ve updated.

Thanks to Lucas van Staden for the notification.

Generic Malicious JS check

Sometimes it’s hard to check what a specific piece of malware is related to, but we can still tell it’s malicious. For those cases we’ve added the “Generic Malicious JS check”. This will inform you we found some form of malicious JavaScript on your website, but we couldn’t determine exactly what it’s doing.

Protected on Hypernode

At Hypernode we automatically try to protect you from some of the vulnerabilities that are shown on MageReport. Previously we’d only show a “On Hypernode you’re protected” to Dutch customers, since we only had Dutch customers. However, since Hypernode is now going international we’ve removed this restriction so our international customers can also see they don’t have to worry about being vulnerable.

Interested piqued? Try out a free two week trial on Hypernode.


In this released we’ve also added some minor fixes and additions. For example:

  • Several bug fixes for the SUPEE-10975 check;

  • Bug fix for the Webgility check;

  • Bug fix for Magento revision detection;

  • New malware signature.

Have any questions or feedback? Feel free to let us know at