In this release, we’ve equipped our trials with more specs. New customers trying out our platform for free now get 3 cores, 4G memory and 62G storage (before: 2c-2G-44G). Of course, all features like Sphinx, Varnish, New Relic, Blackfire are still included. Also (spoiler alert!) RabbitMQ will very soon be available on trials.

Magento 2 is more resource hungry than Magento 1. Our new trial plans will give Magento 2 customers a better and more realistic taste of Hypernode.

Customers who like what they see can upgrade their trial to a Professional M plan without downtime. This is the case for every trial created after Monday 24th of December.

Because the trials now have more specs than Grow plans, if you upgrade from a trial to a Grow plan (with less cores, memory and storage), you will now experience a real migration and therefore some (limited) downtime. For reference, see our older changelog about migrationless plan changes.