Today’s release disables the old staging ports and includes some other changes.

Recently we added more conventional staging ports for better integration with Adyen and Cloudflare as requested here on our Uservoice. Now a few weeks later we are removing the old and deprecated staging ports 10080 and 10443.

If you are still using the old ports, please change them to either 8880 or 8888 for HTTP and 8443 for HTTPS.

– removed old staging ports 10080 and 10443
– log server ports for requests
– add shoppimon to good bots whitelist

– dashes not allowed in Vagrant hostname (thanks @timneutkens!)
– display configuration information on default index.php (MySQL, Redis, Varnish) (thanks @frosit!)
– disable ufw by default so nfs_guest does not need to be patched anymore like here before mounting

Notable changes in our automation:
– extended autohealing in the Hypernode provisioning process