Release 3071 brings a lot of goodness to your Hypernode.

  • The default DigitalOcean data center where Start, Grow and Professional Hypernodes are booted has been changed.
  • The Magento 2 install on new Trial accounts has been updated to version 2.1 (trials with Magento 1 are still possible).
  • Using SSH on your Hypernode is now possible with the password from your customer account.


The last improvement deserves a little explanation. By allowing password access to the Hypernode, we hope to make the first steps for new customers easier, and give them a more pleasurable first encounter with Hypernode. Of course, using SSH keys is still the preferred way to login to your Hypernode, in terms of manageability and flexibility.

A few notes on SSH access with a password:

  • Only the technical contact (Technisch Beheerder) can login
  • Changing the password on the Hypernode is not possible. When changing your password on the Service Panel, the password on the Hypernode will also be updated
  • All existing and new Hypernodes will have password access enabled by default
    • Except existing Excellence plans: they have password access disabled
  • Our support staff can enable or disable password access on request
  • Of course using SSH keys is still possible and is in fact the preferred way