We’ve been gradually improving our standard of quality for the Magento Vagrant development environment hypernode-vagrant. This is becoming increasingly important with the growing adaptation of the boxfile among our customers and other Magento developers. This week we have deployed various changes to both increase ease of use and performance.

  • package the latest virtualbox guest additions as requested by @hongaar
    Install the latest version of Virtualbox to run vagrant up --provider=virtualbox without having to build the VirtualBox Guest Additions kernel modules. This can save minutes.
  • move complexity from the Vagrantfile to a Vagrant plugin vagrant-hypconfigmgmt (release 0.0.3)
  • automated unit testing of the repository with Travis CI and code coverage tests with Coveralls
  • interactively prompt for settings like PHP and Magento version, synced folder type and varnish state
  • increased the amount of builds we retain for both hypernode_php5 and hypernode_php7
  • automatically disable Magento 1 or 2 synced folders when the opposite version is configured
  • vagrant-nfs_guest is a configurable synced folder type. Thanks for the suggestion @IvanChepurnyi!
  • firewall and varnish enabled/disabled are configurable in the settings file
  • automatically disable the ufw firewall when problematic fs types specified