In this release we have extended the functionality of the (currently BETA) hypernode-api to include some more app-level settings. Note that because the API is still currently under active development the exposed capabilities and naming are still subject to change. Last week we made it possible for API users to enable OpenVPN. In a similar fashion it is now possible to enable Varnish Edge Side Includes over HTTPS, the ionCube extension for PHP (which is disabled by default), use a strict SSH cipher suite, and set the sendmail return-path. We also removed the initial_magento_version which was previously exposed because that setting is not relevant after initial provisioning and has no use being exposed through the API.

For more information about these settings check out the settings section of the hypernode-api documentation. Currently the configurable settings in the API are:

From any Hypernode you can configure these using the hypernode-systemctl commandline tool like so: