We have updated the New Relic Agent to the latest version. New Relic is a profiling tool that can be used on your Hypernode to find performance issues and bottlenecks.

The Agent consists of two parts. The daemon and the PHP extension. To update these we have added the latest versions of the following packages to our repository: newrelic-daemon, newrelic-php5 and newrelic-php5-common. The previous version of all packages was and the new version is

Even though the package names have php5 in them, this also updates the Agent for all other PHP versions:

The complete list of changes can be found here. Note that this release does not really add anything new for Magento based sites as the most notable new feature is Laravel Queue support. This feature was already available earlier as an experimental feature flag but it will now be enabled as a standard feature.

Magento is not based on the Laravel PHP Framework so for most users on Hypernode this change will hold not much significance, but even though this update does not contain any documented relevant new features according to the official Upgrade Notice, we have been receiving reports of users encountering the following warning message prompting them about an outdated agent.

There are both old and new time metrics for this time window. The response time is accurate, but if you use asynchronous code the stacked bars may not be. To fix this, upgrade all of your agents to versions that support the new time metrics.

This update should subdue any current warnings about an outdated Agent since this release is the latest version at this moment. This change will be deployed on the platform over the course of the coming week.