SMTP traffic on default ports via the non-dedicated IP

Recently it came to our attention that in contrast to their normal IPs, DigitalOcean was blocking outbound traffic on ports 25 and 587 on the floating IPs we use to provide the newly introduced dedicated IP feature on Hypernode. This is generally not an issue since mail on Hypernode goes through our own mail-platform by default. But in cases where an external SMTP based mail server was configured this might cause some problems.

Issues like this could be circumvented by using alternative ports for SMTP, like for example the 2525 port that Mandrill provides. But for ease of use we have changed our configuration to now route all outbound traffic on ports 25 and 587 through the instance IP instead of the dedicated IP. This means that using these default SMTP ports will now just work like before if your node has a dedicated IP, but it will originate from the ephemeral non-dedicated IP on DigitalOcean nodes.

Fixed Long running processes in MageReport Premium

The Long running processes (seconds) graph in MageReport Premium has been fixed. Previously there were some problems with the data from a Hypernode not being propagated to the MageReport backend. This issue has now been resolved.

These changes will be rolled out on all Hypernodes over the course of this week.