Today we changed the standard configuration for new direct Hypernode orders to Magento 2 on PHP 7.1. Previously the default was Magento 1 on PHP 5.6. Like before you can still select a Magento 1 with PHP 5.6 pre-installation on the trial page. It is also possible to choose for an empty Hypernode in case you want to import a shop or deploy a shop yourself.

Additionally you can change your PHP version later in the service panel at any time. To switch between a Magento 2 and Magento 1 NGINX configuration touch or remove the /data/web/nginx/magento2.flag file. That will trigger the nginx config reloader to load a more specific configuration for the active Magento version. To inspect the differences between the NGINX configurations you can refer to the /etc/nginx/magento1.conf and /etc/nginx/magento2.conf files on your Hypernode.