In this release we introduce a new command which exposes the capability of clearing out or removing individual items from the mail queue to the app user. The command is called hypernode-postsuper.

Use case

The common software systems providing email services queue messages as part of their operations. Hypernodes are configured to process a capped amount of emails enforced by the email policies. If the volume of emails to send is higher than the number of emails being processed for delivery, the queue grows larger, and depending on the volume this may consume considerable disk space. Then it may be desired for the app user to clear items from the mail queue of emails that can be sent again later, or simply drop unnecessary email.


The command can be executed as hypernode-postsuper or /usr/bin/hypernode-postsuper. The help menu displays the available options.

For example, given we have a few emails in the queue, removing an item from the queue would look like:

Clearing out the mail queue would look like:

This command will become available on all Hypernodes in the coming week.