From this release on we will start placing a default .n98-magerun.yaml configuration file for Magerun in /data/web if no such file exists yet. Previously we already placed this file when a new node was ordered with a Magento 1 preinstallation. But, for the instructions in this article about installing Magento 1 on Hypernode to work the assumption was made that this configuration file already exists, which is not always the case on any node where you might want to install Magento 1. For example, if you first selected a Magento 2 preinstallation and then later uninstalled that and manually would like to install Magento 1 yourself according to that guide.

The contents of the new default .n98-magerun.yaml file look like:

Which will make it so that:

will work out of the box, while previously you could get an error like: