In this release we’re upgrading php-common from 1:35ubuntu6 to We’re preparing to add out of the box support for Akeneo, but for that we require php-apcu. The version we’re shooting for depends on [php-common (>= 2:69~)], so that’s why we’re upgrading this.

We’ve recently had a lot of requests from people to run Akeneo next to their Magento (or on a separate node), and with some help from our support department this currently can be arranged without much issues. But because Hypernode is a fully automated platform we of course want to provide an out of the box experience where things just work.

We’re not installing php-apcu everywhere as that might have some bad effects on Magento performance. As Colin Mollenhour mentions here in a comment on a PR for Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis:

Well simply having APCu installed nearly doubles my page load time [..]

So that might be a good argument for putting Akeneo on a separate Hypernode than your Magento installation because Akeneo depends on php-apcu. We will probably add some kind of neat opt-in mechanism (probably using the hypernode-api) some time soon in order to enable php-acpu.

You can verify if your node has already been upgraded to the new version of php-common by running dpkg -l | grep php-common as the app user:

If your Hypernode has already been upgraded the output will look like this:

These are the differences between what was installed before and what will be installed after the update.



Note that we will be disabling the systemd timer for phpsessionclean and that we will continue to use the cron session cleanup currently present in /etc/cron.d/php5-hypernode.

Changes will be deployed over the course of the next seven days.