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Which Cloud Providers Do We Use

Created by: Sophie van Vrijberghe de Coningh

Modified on: Fri, 24 Jul, 2020 at 9:34 AM

Hypernode is an advanced e-commerce cloud hosting platform for webshops. The Hypernode platform is developed independently from a specific cloud provider, which allows us to choose only the best cloud providers and switch from provider if needed. Price, location, cooperation and infrastructure are the main aspects we look at when choosing a cloud provider. Outsourcing the hardware part of hosting enables us to focus solely on what we're good at: continuously improving the Hypernode technology.


Which Cloud Providers Do We Use?

Our Hypernode platform is available to  webshops worldwide. Our customers can choose from a wide range of datacenters around the world.

Combell OpenStack

After years of preparation, testing and improving, we started using the OpenStack platform within the Combell Group in 2018. Hypernode is part of this group. Making use of Combell OpenStack enables us to take matters in our own hands, because we have direct contact with colleagues instead of a supplier.

If you order a trial or hosting plan (Hypernode Grow and Professional) your Hypernode will be booted in Ghent, Belgium.

Advantages Combell OpenStack

  • We have influence on the roadmap and therefore more flexibility in achieving what we want
  • Combell OpenStack provides the same uptime guarantee as DigitalOcean: 99.5% for Grow plans and 99.9% for the Professional line
  • Just as good or even better performance than DigitalOcean
  • In the case of incidents and issues, we have very short communication lines
  • Combell OpenStack uses only the latest hardware. Booting a new node is much faster compared to DigitalOcean
  • Combell OpenStack offers Snapshots backups

Disadvantages Combell OpenStack

Combell OpenStack has only one data center in Ghent (Belgium).


DigitalOcean is an innovative and relatively young hosting party that focuses purely on the wishes of developers instead of end users. This works very well for us, because their focus is entirely on what is essential for good stable hosting. With our Hypernode platform we build the bridge between developer and end user.

We use DigitalOcean for shops that want their Hypernode (Grow or Professional) to be located in a data center outside Western Europe.

Advantages DigitalOcean

  • Innovative and young company
  • We have good contact with their engineers to discuss our wishes
  • Uptime guarantee: 99.5% for Grow plans and 99.9% for the Professional line
  • Reliable and stable infrastructure
  • Unlimited IOPS (Input / Output operations per second)

Disadvantages DigitalOcean

  • Less influence on roadmap compared to Combell OpenStack. We are one of many customers
  • DigitalOcean uses a mix of older and newer (faster) hardware, meaning we need to search for the best hardware when booting a Hypernode. This takes time.
  • Backup creation is done differently. Backups are created on the node and transferred to a different location. Both creation and restore take more time compared to snapshot backups
  • DigitalOcean does not use shared storage. In case of issues with an hypervisor, a ticket needs to be submitted by email before an engineer takes action and reboots a hypervisor. This may cost precious time

Amazon Cloud Services (AWS)

All our Hypernode Excellence plans are hosted at AWS.

Cloud provider Amazon is market leader in web hosting. Amazon offers top quality: a very stable and innovative platform that offers Byte a lot of space for developing and offering smart and handy features on the Hypernode platform.

Advantages AWS

  • Most stable platform of all cloud hosters
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.95%
  • Very fast backup process via snapshots
  • Super fast and stable IOPS (Input / Output operations per second)
  • Great maintenance policy, including good communication
  • Shared storage for hypervisors. In case of issues a reboot only takes 2 minutes

Disadvantages AWS

  • The IOPS are not unlimited. In case your shop is not well optimized and has a lot of visitors, it may hit the limits of the Hypernode. The good news of Amazons’ policy is that you will never suffer from busy neighbours :-).

Your Hypernode in a Different Data Center

If you order a trial or hosting plan (Hypernode Grow and Professional) your Hypernode will be booted in Ghent, Belgium.

In case you ordered a Hypernode Excellence plan, your Hypernode is booted in Frankfurt (Germany).

If your main target group is outside of Western Europe, you may want to move your shop to a different data center, closer to your customers.

This can be arranged.

Simply send an email to and let us know your data center of choice. Your shop will be moved manually to the new data center, on a date and time agreed with you. We only move Hypernodes during our office hours.

Location of Data Centers

DigitalOcean: London, Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Bangalore, Singapore

AWS: N. Virginia, Ohio, N. California, Oregon, Central Canada, Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Singapore, Sidney, Mumbai, São Paulo

Keep in Mind

Moving your Hypernode to a new data center will lead to a new IP address. You may need to change the DNS settings of your domains or whitelist the new IP address to make sure certain connections with third parties (like payment providers) keep working.

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