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Security Hall of Fame

Modified on: Wed, 7 Jul, 2021 at 1:34 PM

We would like to thank the following individuals and/or organizations, who have responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities to us.

Manu Sharma
31 May 2021Report a Reflective XSS attack on marketing sites.
Ghazanfar Ali Kazam
31 May 2021Reported information leakage from an internal server.
Akash H. C.
9 September 2020Reported a password reset token leak
Akash Patil
1 August 2020Reported an account takeover using IDN homograph attack.
Pethuraj M
1 July 2020Reported a flaw in our password reset flow
Miguel Santareno14 May 2020
Reported information leakage from marketing sites.
Gaurav Kumar and Shivam Dattana / Team Bugmania28 September 2019
Reported a Cross site scripting (XSS) on
Mike de Landgraaf / MDL Online    21 March 2019

Reported a misconfiguration that allowed user impersonation on Hypernode hosted webshops.

Maksym Bendeberia / WebSafety Ninja

12 March 2019Reported information leakage from an internal deployment server.
Jan Piet van Dijk / Interwijs B.V.
28 August 2018
Reported a privilege escalation on Hypernode, leading to a local root exploit.

Wijnand Wieskamp / Crystalsoft B.V.

1 June 2018
Reported a misconfiguration that allowed a Hypernode’s preconfigured security settings to be bypassed.

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