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How to Link Your Domain to Your Hypernode

Created by: Sophie van Vrijberghe de Coningh

Modified on: Thu, 18 Jun, 2020 at 9:53 AM

Note: this article is only applicable if you log in via the Byte Service Panel.



Thanks to Hypernode’s very cool Dedicated IP feature the IP address of your Hypernode does not (!) change when you change a Hypernode plan. However, there are two exceptions to take into account.

Dedicated IP on Hypernode – Two Exceptions

There are two exceptions when you can't benefit from a dedicated IP and which may have impact on how you would like to manage your DNS:

  1. Changing between Professional and Excellence plans will lead to an IP change because you will change providers (e.g. Combell OpenStack to DigitalOcean to Amazon and vice versa)
  2. If you request your node to be booted in a different region (datacenter) the IP address will change as well.

If you are likely to switch between Professional and Excellence plans in the future, we recommend to move your domain(s) to Byte so we can handle the DNS of your domains to avoid downtime.

For domains hosted at Byte, we provide a functionality to automagically update your DNS records when the IP address of your node changes. To achieve this, you need to link your domain to your Hypernode. Please see below for more information on this. 

IP Changes on Hypernodes

Hypernode is a cloud-based hosting service. In case of an up – or downgrade, your shop will almost transparently be moved to other hardware. Your Hypernode has a dedicated IP, so the IP address of your Hypernode will remain the same after you changed your hosting plan. However, there are 2 exceptions as explained above.

If you link your domain to your Hypernode, an IP change will not impact your site visitors.

In Magereport Premium you will find the “Store Front Status”.

The Store Front Status shows you whether your DNS settings are correctly set up for the storefronts defined in your webshop.

When you link your domain to your Hypernode, you mark your domain as being in use on a Hypernode.

This way we know which domains are used on a node that is being migrated or upgraded, so we are able to take action.

After the IP address of the Hypernode has changed, we correct this by updating the DNS records of the domain(s) on our name servers.

To make this work your domains should be hosted at Byte, so order your domain or migrate it to Byte.

If your domains are not hosted at Byte, read the documentation about how to configure your DNS for Hypernode.

Mark Your Domain as Linked to Your Hypernode

To mark your domain as linked to a Hypernode, use the following steps:

  • Log in to the Byte Service Panel (
  • Select your Hypernode plan
  • Click on the Instellingen tab
  • Click “SSL & DNS”
  • Select your domain name and click “Koppel domeinnaam aan deze Hypernode”

When you link your domain to your Hypernode your DNS records for this domain will be updated.

We store the previous records as a TXT record with the name ___backup__ so when you unlink the domain from your node, we will be able to restore the previous records.

To unlink your domain from your Hypernode you can use the same menu: Select the domain from the list and choose “Ontkoppel domeinnaam van deze Hypernode”

This will restore the previous records if the TXT record with the name __backup__ is still present.

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