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How to Set the Return-Path For a Magento 2 Shop

Created by: Sophie van Vrijberghe de Coningh

Modified on: Wed, 29 Jan, 2020 at 4:43 PM

When you send e-mails from your Magento shop with no return-path set, the return-path will default to This e-mail address may be recognised as a spam address by spam filters, as it is a very generic email used on all Hypernodes with the same email configuration.

To avoid outgoing email being detected as spam, you should change the email return-path for your outgoing email to a valid email address (e.g. sales@yourdomainname.tld) which can be managed with your own SPF settings.

If the recipient is using SAV (Sender Address Verification), and the e-mail address is not reachable, or the SPF record does not match the email source, a spamfilter could see this as a spam message.

Table of Contents

Change Your Return-Path

Every e-mail has two senders. The first sender is the From line that is seen in the mailclient as the recipient. The other is the Return-Path. The latter address is used for errors (bounces) to control the delivery of the mail to the sender.

Set the Return-Path for Your Magento 2 Shop

Please also read about the known bug in Magento 2 about setting a return-path.

To set the return-path for your Magento 2 shop log in on the admin panel and follow the instructions:

  • Login to your Magento admin panel.
  • Navigate to Stores > Configuration in the side navigation panel.

  • From the Advanced section, select System and in the dropdown on the right select Mail Sending Settings:

  • Change Set Return-Path to “specified”.
  • In the Return-Path Email field, set a valid email address:

  • Click Save Config to save the changes.
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