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User Roles and Permissions on Hypernode’s Control Panel

Created by: Sophie van Vrijberghe de Coningh

Modified on: Wed, 27 Jan, 2021 at 8:58 AM

For security and usability, the Hypernode Control Panel's features are available to users based on the role assigned to the individual user. Each user invited to a team is assigned a role within the team.

A user can have different roles between teams. Each role is defined by a set of permissions.

The Different Control Panel Roles

  • Owner: Can access and use every feature. This is the most powerful role and cannot be assigned. The user creating the Team is automatically the owner.
  • Admin: Can use all features and change Hypernode plans. Please see this article for an explanation on how to change your Hypernode plan. They can invite other team members and set or change roles of team members.
  • Developer: Can manage all technical features on a Hypernode level.
  • Merchant: Can access the Control Panel on a view-only basis.

How to Assign Roles

Initially, the team's Owner is the only user that can assign roles to other team members. After assigning a user the Admin role, they will also be able to assign roles. Use the following steps to assign roles:

  1. Log in to the Hypernode Control Panel.
  2. Click on Teams in the sidebar on the left and then select the applicable team.
  3. Select Roles from the sidebar.
  4. Assign roles to the users on this page.

Please note: when inviting a new member to the team, you are required to assign them a role.

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