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How to Undo the Cancellation of a Domain Name

Modified on: Thu, 14 Oct, 2021 at 3:19 PM

Please note that this only applies to Service Panel users who log in via We don't offer domain registration for our Control Panel users at the moment.

For 40 days after you cancel a domain name, it can't be re-registered by anyone except you. It's 'in quarantine'. So, if your cancelled your domain by mistake, or you change your mind, you can get your domain back. 


My Domain Is in Quarantine 

Your quarantined domain name can be reinstated by the same registrar (hosting service provider) you had before, or by a new one. There are two scenarios:

  • The old provider is instructed to reinstate the domain. The old provider will probably charge a fee for this. Hypernode charges €25 for this (for a .NL domain name, different prices can be charged for other extensions), another provider can charge a different amount for this.
  • The new provider is instructed to reinstate the domain. Hypernode charges a fee of €100 for re-registering an external domain (for a .NL domain name, different prices can be used for other extensions). The costs for this are usually higher than having the domain name removed from quarantine by the old provider.

You can also wait until the quarantine period has expired, then the domain name will be released and it can be registered again. You do not have to sign for anything and there are no costs involved. However, there is a chance that someone else will register the domain name. This is often done by parties who register domain names on a large scale. Therefore we strongly advise against this option.

Can I Re-Register a Domain That Wasn't Mine?

It can also happen that you would like to register a domain name that is not yours yet, but is in quarantine. If you are not the owner, you cannot have it re-registered. Only the owner himself can do this. You can of course contact the owner and ask them to sell / transfer the domain name to you.

If you don't know who registered the domain name, use the Whois.

I Want Hypernode to Undo the Cancellation

Do you own a domain name that is in quarantine and would you like to undo the cancellation? Please send an email to with the following information:

  • What is your account number?
  • What domain would like to re-register?
  • Which plan would you like to add to your domain registration?
  • What is the account number for the Registering party?
  • What is the account number for the Contracting party? This is the party that receives the invoices.
  • What is the account number for the Technical Party? This is the developer.

When the domain name is registered via Hypernode, we charge a fee of €25 (for a .NL domain name, different prices may be charged for other extensions). If the domain name is external, we charge a fee of € 100 (for a .NL domain name, different prices may be charged for other extensions). 

As soon as we have received this information, we will send you a form that must be signed. Hypernode needs this form to be able to re-register the domain name from quarantine at the SIDN.

Re-Register Other Extensions

The above method applies to .NL domains. If you want to re-register a domain name with a different extension, this is often possible too. The approach differs per extension, please contact us to find out what is possible.

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