How to add keys to the SSH Keymanager

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NOTE: Did you order a trial via (by invitation only)? Please be aware you do not have access to the Service Panel mentioned below. Please use the SSH key you submitted when ordering your trial.

You can easily add public SSH keys to your Hypernode environment by using the SSH Keymanager on your Service Panel. This tutorial will explain how to add your SSH Key to the SSH Keymanager:

  1. Log in to the Byte Service Panel
  2. Select your domainname (
  3. Click the tab Instellingen.
  4. Click on the option Shell Toegang.
  5. Click on the SSH key toevoegen option (image 1). If you already have a key configured, you should click on the Beheer mijn public keys option. After that, click on the SSH key toevoegen option

    Add keys to the SSH keymanager

    Image 1 Add your key to the SSH keymanager

  6. Paste the content of your public key into the public key field and give it a name (image 2)

    Add the content of your public key

    Image 2 Add the content of your public key

  7. Click on ”Toevoegen” to add the key to the Key Manager
  8. Select the domain you wish to add your key to (if you’re a Byte customer, make sure you add the key to your hypernode domain and the Magento domain the site is currently being hosted) and click on the “Opslaan” button.
  9. Your key is now added to your domains. You can now use the hypernode-importer script or manually migrate your site.

If anything goes wrong (authentication, error during copy), you can just run the importer again after fixing the problem, or manually migrate your site to hypernode.