We create backups nightly on every Hypernode. When things go slightly wrong (ie. a product is accidentally deleted), you can go back in time to restore the appropriate database table, files or directories from the backup.

For Magento Professional and Excellence plans backups are available for free. For Magento Grow and Start plans, 100 euro excl. taxes will be billed for each requested backup (files and/or database).

Retention times

Backups are made every day and saved for 7 days. We also save 1 backup per week for 3 weeks. This means you will have 4 weeks worth of backups.

Backups are rotated daily after the creation of a new backup. This implies that the backups that are older than 4 weeks will be automagically removed. To save storage costs, we do not keep additional backups older than 4 weeks, so please do not wait too long before requesting a backup.

Check your disk space before requesting a backup

If you request a backup, we will make this backup available on the same Hypernode as your shop. Please always check if there is enough disk space available for a restore of the data. To restore a full backup of the content when there isn’t enough disk space available, please first upgrade your shop to a larger Hypernode plan which has more disk space included.

Requesting a backup during office hours

How Dutch customers can request a backup
As a Dutch customer you have access to a Service Panel. Please log on to your Service Panel, select your Hypernode plan, go to ‘Instellingen’ and select ‘Back-up’. Fill out the backup request form and submit it.

How customers via Hypernode.com can request a backup
We ask our English speaking customers to contact us via support@byte.nl. Please see below for the details we would like to receive from you. We will respond to your request as soon as possible. To speed things up even more, please mention “Hypernode backup request” in the subject of your email.

When requesting a backup, add the following information to your email:

  • Please mention the appname.hypernode.io from which you need a backup.
  • Do you need a database backup and/or a file backup?
  • In case of a file backup: Should we restore a single file, a directory or a full restore (all files).
  • In case of a file or directory: mention the full path to the file or directory that should be restored.
  • Who should we contact when the backup is available (Add both your name, your mobile phone number and your email address to your email).
  • From what day should we make a backup available? (“I want a backup of 3 days ago”, or “can you retrieve the backup from last Monday”). Backups are made during the night.
  • Let us know if there is enough disk space available on the Hypernode. If not, please upgrade your plan first via your control panel – or mention in your email that you agree to upgrading your Hypernode to a plan with more disk space. Please note you are responsible for downgrading your plan again after the restore.

Requesting a backup in case of emergency after office hours

If you run into issues after office hours or during a weekend, your backup request per email will be solved on the first work day during office hours.

If you would like to ensure yourself to having access to backups after office hours or during the weekend, you have the option to subscribe to our paid troubleshooting service called SLA Plus.

SLA Plus is an add-on to your Hypernode plan. With this service you can request assistance of a Byte technician outside the regular office hours via bytenoodhulpdienst.nl.

  • Dutch customers can find more information about SLA Plus here.
  • English speaking customers find more information here.

Managing backups yourself

If your are on a Grow or Start Hypernode plan and you do not want to pay for a restore, or in case you want to be able to restore yourself any time you want without contacting support@byte.nl first, you may choose to manage backups yourself.

This does not imply that we do not have any backups available, as we use the same backups for disaster recovery as well. In case of emergency, you can always request a backup by contacting support@byte.nl

If you choose to create your own backups, we recommend using Tarsnap. This very robust third party backup service is known for it’s excellent security, their very strong compression and their low prices.

For more information about how to manage your own backups, have a look at our article about creating backups using Tarsnap.

Using hard-links for backup retention

Our backup mechanism is not very good in managing hard-links. They will not be ignored in the backup, but at restore time, every hardlink is restored as a real file, causing the restore to take up much more disk space.

This can result in lots of extra files when downloading a restore, effectively taking up much more space needed for the same data after a restore.

We recommend to avoid hard-links in your content at all times.

Additional information

We make use of 2 backup mechanisms: One for the Hypernodes running on Amazon (AWS) and Combell OpenStack, and another mechanism for backups on DigitalOcean.

Read more about restoring backups on Hypernode in our restore backups article.

Backups on Combell OpenStack and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

On Combell OpenStack and AWS we use the local snapshotting mechanism for creating backups.
Every night a snapshot of the disk is created. Snapshots are a static copy of all data present on the disk that can be mounted on your Hypernode as a new file system on /data/backup/.

For restores, we mount one of the earlier created snapshot to /data/backup and start a second MySQL instance on port 3307 that uses the data of the snapshot instead of the actual data.

This way you can retrieve the database data by dumping the tables you need to restore and manually copy the required files back to your Magento directory.

NB: After the restore is finished, the backup snapshot is not automagically detached/unmounted. There is a second MySQL instance running using some additional resources. Please contact Support so we can remove your snapshots when you’re done restoring.

Backups on DigitalOcean

At DigitalOcean (and also Combell as extra security) we currently create backups using Duply and Duplicity and push those to an S3 storage bucket at Amazon (AWS).