Blocking/allowing IP-addresses in Nginx

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Blocking and allowing IP-addresses is done using the access module.

Denying everyone across the site

To deny all access from certain addresses, create a file in the nginx-directory in your homedir named server.blacklist, with the following contents:

deny;     # To deny a single server
deny;  # To deny a complete network

Denying everyone across the site, except for certain addresses

To deny all access, except certain addresses, add a file named server.whitelist, with the following contents:

allow;   # Allow a single remote host
deny all;        # Deny everyone else

Denying or allowing only a specific location

To deny access to everybody except certain addresses to a specific directory, create a file called server.private-dir containing:

location /private/ {   ## Use the request url, not the directory on the filesystem.
  allow;  ## Your specific IP
  deny all;