You can cancel your subscription at any time you want. Your cancellation will be processed automatically

How to cancel for Dutch customers

Our Dutch customers can easily cancel a hosting plan via their Service Panel.
Check this article on up or downgrading in our Dutch support documentation.

How to cancel if you ordered via

If you ordered your Hypernode hosting plan via, please change your current plan via your control panel.

billing portal

  • On the Billing portal, select your current plan
  • Then click on Cancel subscription

change subscription

  • The next screen confirms when your subscription will end. Please submit the reason of your cancellation as your feedback is valuable to us
  • Click on Confirm cancellation to finalise your cancellation

Cancellation per end date

You can cancel your subscription at any time via your control panel. The end date of your subscription is always the first of the next month. Example: if you cancel your subscription on the 15th of June, your Hypernode will be no longer available from the 1st of July onwards.