Need a (new) hosting plan for your Akeneo? You’ve come to the right place. Hypernode is a unique managed hosting platform optimized for Akeneo’s and Magento- & Shopware shops. Hypernode has been developed in close consultation with e-commerce developers, with the objective of having e-commerce shops perform to best advantage and to make its development several times easier.

You’re only a few steps away from peace of mind about your Akeneo hosting. This article will help you choose the most fitting hosting plan.

What Hypernode plans are there?

Depending on PIM’s and shop’s wants and needs, Byte offers different Hypernode hosting plans:

  • Start
  • Grow
  • Professional (and up)
  • Excellence (and up)

Each production plan has a development equivalent. A development plan is cheaper and therefore recommended when developing and testing PIMs & shops before going live. A development plan can easily be upgraded to a production plan.

For an Akeneo PIM is a Professional M (3CPU, 62GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM) the minimal plan to try. Depending on your needs you can grow within the Professional line to a 5XL plan (20CPU,1TB SSD storage, 96GB RAM).

Do you need even more capacity or do you want extra reassurance about stability? Than you can choose for our Excellence line at AWS. A complete overview can be found on our website.

Not sure what to order? Do not worry about ordering the wrong plan. The contract term of Hypernode plans is only 30 days and you can up- or downgrade your plan any time you want. You only pay for what you use.

Can I test Hypernode before I commit myself?

Absolutely. You can test our platform (and all its features) with a free non-binding trial. Your trial will expire automatically unless you choose to upgrade it to a paid hosting plan.

Booting your Hypernode in a different data center

We make use of cloud providers:

  • Combell OpenStack: Hypernode Start, Grow and Professional plans, booted in Gent (Belgium)
  • DigitalOcean: Hypernode Start, Grow and Professional plans, booted in other data centers around the world
  • Amazon Web Services: Hypernode Excellence plans.

When you order a Hypernode, your node is standard booted in Gent (Combell OpenStack) or Frankfurt (Amazon).

It is possible to boot a Hypernode in a different region on request. This can be desirable if you do most of your business in (for example) the USA. Simply send an email to and let us know which data center you prefer. We will boot your Hypernode in the datacentre of your choice and arrange the switch.

Please keep into account that a switch of datacenter triggers an IP change of your Hypernode!

DigitalOcean and Amazon both have data centers all over the world.

  • DigitalOcean has data centers in: Londen, Frankfurt, New York, San Fransisco, Toronto, Bangalore, Singapore
  • The location of the Amazon (AWS) data centers can be found on their website.

How to order a Hypernode?

Simply go to and fill in the form. Our experts will contact you and will set up a Hypernode for you. Are you already a customer? Than you can simply up- or downgrade your node in the control panel.

Tips for ordering a Hypernode

  • Choose a logical name. IE: If your site is, order
  • Make sure you pick a node with enough disk space for both your shop and your database.
  • Don’t use environment indicators like staging test, testing, dev or development:
  • Without these indicators, you can easily change this node from a live to a test node without confusion or having to migrate to a server with another name.
  • Still developing your Akeneo? Then select a development environment first. When your Hypernode is ready to go live you can easily switch to a production node.
  • An overview off all hosting plans can be found on our website.