If you want to run a second (development) Hypernode – for example for load testing and you need to copy the contents of your live-shop, please follow the steps below.

Clone your Hypernode

Order an extra Hypernode plan

First, you’ll need to order an additional Hypernode. Give the Hypernode a name (devname.hypernode.io) in which you can recognize it’s a development environment.

Add your key to the new Hypernode plan

Add your SSH key to the new Hypernode account. Make sure this key is also configured to the Hypernode account you wish to copy.

Enable SSH Agent Forwarding

Make sure you have enabled Agent Forwarding. In Linux and Mac OSX you can use a file called config in your .ssh folder with the following configuration:

On Windows you can use PuTTY to enable Agent Forwarding.

Copy the contents of your first Hypernode to your second Hypernode

Log on to your second Hypernode and use the following command to import the contents of your first Hypernode:

Where example.hypernode.io should be the appname of your Hypernode.

Change your base URL

When you imported your shop to your new node, you’ll have to change the base URL. After changing the base URL, don’t forget to flush your cache: