E-mails sent from a Hypernode are marked as spam

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Sometimes e-mail which is sent from a Hypernode is marked as spam by external spamfilters. Follow this steps to be for sure the cause is not a misconfiguration.

Troubleshooting mail from Hypernodes

Check SPF records

Check if the spf.appname.hypernode.io hostname is included in your SPF record (in the DNS zone-file). This hostname contains the IP-address of your Hypernode and the IP-addressess from Byte’s e-mailservers.

More information could be found here:

If the IP-address from your Hypernode is not included in this record, please send an e-mail to support@byte.nl, so we will fix the record for you. This could happen after an up- or downgrade of the Hypernode plan.

Check if the return-path is configured correctly

If you send your e-mails using a PHP script, the default return-path will be noreply@hypernode.io. This e-mail address will be seen as possible spam address, so you have to change this into something else (e.g. noreply@yourdomainname.tld) or change it into the e-mail address you also use in your Magento installation. We would advise you to use a valid e-mail address which is working! If the recipient is using SAV (Sender Address Verification), and the e-mail address is not reachable, then a spamfilter could see this as a spam message.

More information about setting your return-path

Check if your Hypernode is listed in a blacklist

Browse to MXToolbox and fill in the IP-address of your Hypernode to check if the IP-address is listed on a blacklist. If it is listed, you could request a delisting by yourself. Do not forget to check the reason why the IP is listed and fix it to prevent this from happening again.

If e-mails sent from the Hypernode are still marked as spam, please send an analysis request by e-mail to support@byte.nl including a full-header of a marked message. We will investigate the reason and send you a reply with more details.