Shopware CMS is becoming more popular in the E-commerce business each day. Lots of aspects are similar to a Magento environment, so why should you not be able to host Shopware on Hypernode? There are already several shopware shops running successfully on Hypernode! All you need to do is add a Shopware 5 specifix Nginx configuration file to your environment.

What is Shopware?

Shopware is an e-commerce system roughly the same as Magento and both have the same basic components. Both systems:
– make use of the same technology stack (NGINX, PHP, MySQL, RabbitMQ, etc);
– deal with the same challenges, such as ‘light’ product images and continuous processes that generate a lot of load;
– heavily rely on a good performance and a smooth checkout;
– make use of external systems like PIM’s and payment providers;
– and are dealing with the same user behavior;

Configuring Hypernode for Shopware 5

All you need is to add a Shopware 5 specific Nginx configuration file, let’s name it server.shopware, to /data/web/nginx and you are ready to go. It consists of a few modules containing security related, general optimizations and rewrites to make Shopware 5 work and be secure and optimized at the same time.

**Shopware 6 doesn’t need this config-file!

Example snippet used for the general rewrites:

See the complete needed server.shopware configuration here.

Help us!

Together with a few selected partners, we are investigating which optimizations are needed for the Shopware system to reach its full potential. For example, which processes are typically Shopware? How can we make Hypernode state of the art for Shopware?
So don’t hesitate to contact us if you are exploring the wonders of Shopware. Are you an experienced Shopware agency? Even better. We would really appreciate any tips, trick or general knowledge you are willing to share. Please contact us!

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