How to improve your Magento Search?

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The built-in Magento search option is known for it’s non-existent speed and providing irrelevant search results. Both these aspects have a negative effect on your conversion, because if visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, how do you expect them to purchase from your shop? As a developer there are two things you can do;

  1. Tweak the built-in Magento search option
  2. Use an external search engine.

We recommend the latter, and specifically: Sphinx. Sphinx is an open source search engine that improves the search function in your Magento. Sphinx is fast and provides you with relevant search results. There are many external search engines, but Sphinx came out as the best option due to it’s usability, documentation and speed. Sphinx is supported on your Hypernode (Go Big and Excellence plans).

Another good search engine is ElasticSearch. If you have a Magento 2 shop, ElasticSearch has one advantage over Sphinx: you can use this search engine out-of-the-box, without having to install an extension. We have arranged special Hypernode discounts with our partner Bonsai, a specialised managed ElasticSearch provider. Ask our support team for the discount code!

A third option is SOLR. We have heard some positive feedback from customers using OpenSolr and the SOLR-extension from Integer.


Sphinx indexes up to 10-15 MB of text per second per single CPU core 60+ MB/sec per server. Technically, Sphinx is a standalone software package that provides fast and relevant full-text search functionality to client applications. It was specially designed to integrate well with SQL databases storing the data, and to be easily accessed by scripting languages. However, Sphinx does not depend on – or requires – any specific database to function.

We added support for the Sphinx search indexer on Hypernode Go Big and Excellent Nodes. Using Sphinx requires the Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate extension. This paid extension can be purchased through the Mirasvit website. If you have a Magento 2 shop, make sure to use the specific Magento 2 extension.

More information about using Sphinx can be found in their documentation. Can’t find an answer to your question? Please contact Mirasvit through their Support Portal.

Configuring sphinx on hypernode

To configure the sphinx search on hypernode, all you need to do is install the magento extention from mirasvit and correct the settings in the sphinx configuration panel in the magento admin.


Adjusting the settings

When adjusting the sphinx settings, you should make use the following information:

Name Setting Value
Search Engine
 External Sphinx Search Engine 
Sphinx Host
Sphinx Port
Sphinx Bin Path
Cron for Full Schedule
 0 3 * * * 
Cron for Delta Schedule
 */15 * * * * 


  • When using the Mirasvit extention, magento periodically restarts the sphinx engine. If this happens too fast, the reload of sphinx can be ratelimitted causing the daemon to stop or to hang.
    To resolve this issue, whitelist the Zend_Http_Client according to the instructions how to prevent a useragent from being ratelimitted