Magento 2.3 offers the feature PWA Studio to build a Progressive Web App for your Magento-based store. Installing PWA Studio on Hypernode can take up to 10 minutes. In the instructions below we’re using as the frontend domain name of PWA Studio and is being used as the domain name for the Magento Shop.

Enable managed-vhosts

Configure HTTPS and nginx

Replace with the frontend domain name you want to use PWA Studio for. The command below will also install Let’s Encrypt and force your domain to use HTTPS.

Install Node.js v10.16

After Node.js has been installed you can check if it’s correctly set by running node -v. This should output v10.16.0.

Install Yarn latest version

Setting up PWA Studio

Edit the .env file

Edit this file ~/pwa-studio/packages/venia-concept/.env, uncomment the following lines and change them to your own Magento Backend URL and PWA Studio frontend domain. In the example below, the Magento shop is running on and PWA Studio is running on

Install Venia Sample data

Make sure your Magento Access Keys are added to ~/.composer/auth.json

Your Magento shop should now show the Venia sample data.

Start the server

Add Cronjob

Add the cronjob to keep PWA Studio running: