Ziggy is not only the multichannel pet hydra mascot of Akeneo but it’s also a CLI tool, developed by our great partner Experius. It’s an improved expansion on Akeneo’s current command-line tool. Like Magerun is the swiss army knife for Magento developers, Ziggy will save you hours of time using shortcuts when working with Akeneo on Hypernode.

Install Ziggy

That’s it, you’ve successfully installed Ziggy on Hypernode! Navigate to the Akeneo root directory ~/akeneo/pim-community-standard and enter ziggy for a complete list of available commands.

Useful Ziggy Commands

ziggy cache:clear

Clear the cache in Akeneo.

ziggy pim:system:information

Displays Akeneo PIM system information.

ziggy pim:user:list

List all PIM users in Akeneo.

ziggy pim:user:create

Create a PIM user in Akeneo.

ziggy pim:user:change-password

Change the password for a PIM user in Akeneo.

ziggy pim:user:delete

Delete a PIM user in Akeneo.