Here’s what you need to know about Teams; Owners and Members.


We now offer our users the option to create a team. Anyone with a Hypernode account can create a team and add one or more Hypernodes to that team to be handled by the team members. Team members can be added as well and only have access to the Hypernode(s) belonging to that team.


Users who create a team automatically become the team owner. The owner cannot be removed from the team and is the only member who can change (e.g. up- or downgrade) the Hypernode plan. Any member can invite new team members. In case the invite hasn’t been sent by the team owner, the owner will receive a notification of this event.


Users can be added to the team as team members. Team members can change the team name, invite new members and have access to all Hypernode settings (such as adding SSH keys, changing the PHP version). The only exception is the up or downgrading of the Hypernode plan.