Log in to the Hypernode with SSH

in Shell

NOTE: Did you order a trial via Hypernode.com (by invitation only)? Please be aware you do not have access to the Service Panel mentioned below. Please use the SSH key you submitted when ordering your trial.

Congratulations with your new Hypernode! To access it, you need to use an SSH client.

This tutorial shows how to log in to the Hypernode with PuTTY (for Windows users) or Terminal (Linux and Mac OSX) using SSH.

NB: If you want to create SSH keys, please read the article: Create SSH Keys on Hypernode.

For Windows users

Login using PuTTY

To use PuTTY you need to download this program from the PuTTY website. To connect to Hypernode you’ll have to use your SSH hostname and username. These settings can be found in the Byte Service Panel. Use the following steps to connect to Hypernode.

  • In the Byte Service Panel select your package/domain, go to Instellingen and click Shell Toegang. The required credentials are listed under SSH gegevens
  • Open to PuTTY
  • Navigate to Session and enter your hostname (or IP address) in the Host name field
    • This should be the name of your Hypernode plan: name.hypernode.io
  • Click Open
  • Enter app as your username
  • Enter your password (it’s the same as the “Technisch Beheerder” login password for the Service panel)
  • Congrats! You can now access your Hypernode.

Login using the Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10

If you are on Windows 10 and a more experienced user, you can install the Windows Subsystem for Linux.
This way you can simply install the bash shell and all needed GNU Utils to create an environment similar to the hypernode.
To do this, use this excellent howto on howtogeek

For Linux and Mac OSX users

Login using Terminal (Linux) or iTerm2 (MacOS)

Use the following command to connect to Hypernode:

ssh app@name.hypernode.io

Where name is the name you have chosen when you ordered the Hypernode. If the name of your node is example.hypernode.io the command would be like this:

ssh app@example.hypernode.io

Enter your password (it’s the same as the “Technisch Beheerder” login password for the Service Panel) and press Enter. Congrats! You can now access your Hypernode

Brute force protection

We enabled fail2ban on the hypernode, which is a tool that detects bruteforces by tailing the remote access logs (/var/log/auth.log). ip’s that try more then 6 times to login within 20 minutes will be added to the firewall for an hour.

If you happen to get blocked yourself, contact support or wait an hour until the ban is removed.

Disabling password authentication

More experienced SSH users often want to fully disable password authentication on the hypernode.
This can be done through our service panel by disabling password logins on SSH.

To do this, select Instellingen -> Shell toegang.
From there click the Uitschakelen button in the section Inloggen via wachtwoord: