If a Hypernode suddenly gets rebooted, this might be the result of security updates on the operating system. If this is the case, we always create a maintenance post at our status page on Bytenoc.nl.

In other cases, the reboot is most likely caused by a server being non-responsive for 15 minutes.
We implemented a mechanism that triggers a server reboot through the admin console of the cloud provider if our monitoring detects that a node has become unavailable.

This way, if a node get’s stuck – or the hardware on which the node is running is experiencing network or hardware issues – we automagically send a reboot to avoid manual interaction nightly while repairing the error at the same time. This is programmed to happen once per 30 minutes. If a reboot does not solve the issue, our engineer of the night will get notified immediately.

In all cases we will get notified and get in contact with our provider to see what was going on and why the server was non-responsive.
If you need more information on why your server was rebooted, please contact Byte support.