PHP versions for your Magento shop on Hypernode

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PHP versions on Hypernode

On Hypernode you can choose from a range of PHP versions:

  • PHP 5.6
  • PHP 7.0
  • PHP 7.1

You can easily switch the PHP version of your Hypernode via your Service Panel, but please thoroughly test a PHP change before implementing it on a live environment!

How to change a PHP version on Hypernode

NOTE: Did you order a trial via (by invitation only)? Be aware changing the PHP version of your trial is not possible yet. Please contact us if you have an urgent reason to change your PHP version.

For customers: in your Byte Service Panel you can switch a PHP version in a few steps:

  1. Log on to your Service Panel
  2. Select your Hypernode by clicking the app name
  3. Go to tab ‘Hypernode’
  4. Click the PHP button
  5. Select a PHP version
  6. Click on ‘Update’

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Migrating your Hypernode to the new PHP version takes a few minutes. Once migrated to a certain PHP version, you can always go back to the previous PHP version should you notice any errors in your shop.

Check PHP version and settings

You can check the active php version on your Hypernode by using php -v via the shell server. For more information about all extensions and settings, please use php -i. Alternatively, create a phpinfo.php file in /data/web/public with the following snippet:




And visit it by going to Remove this file when you are done checking, as it is not necessary to leave this information out in the open.

Ioncube compatibility

We support Ioncube for PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.x, but this extension is not enabled by default as it is a big performance killer. If you wish to have Ioncube enabled, please contact support.

The importance of upgrading Magento and PHP

An important part of maintaining a Magento shop is upgrading software regularly. By upgrading we do not only mean upgrading Magento and all its extensions and plugins in use, but also upgrading server-side software, tools – and scripting language like PHP.

It is always recommended to stay up-to-date and not only because you benefit from improvements and bug fixes. By taking small steps at the time you will save much time and effort in the long term, as upgrading at once from a very outdated release to the latest release will very likely result in errors.

Magento and PHP compatibility

Before upgrading PHP you need to check if your Magento shop is compatible with the PHP version you would like to use. Check the Magento system requirements of your Magento version to see which PHP versions are officially supported.

Supported PHP versions for Magento 2

PHP 7.1.x -> only Magento 2.2.x
PHP 7.0.x
PHP 5.6.x
PHP 5.5.22 and up

Supported PHP versions for Magento CE 1.9.2 and later, Magento EE 1.14.2 and later

PHP 5.6.x
PHP 5.5.x -> EOL and no longer available on Hypernode from 2018-6-4 onwards
PHP 5.4.x -> EOL and not available on Hypernode

Please use the above information as an indication!

PHP 7.x compatibility

PHP 7.0

PHP 7 has been released 2 years ago and it turns out to be a great performance booster! It is much faster, has a better error handling and it uses less memory than previous versions. Magento 2 is fully compatible with PHP 7.0, but Magento 1 doesn’t support PHP 7.0 by default. More information on PHP 7.0 and its compatibility with Magento 1, Ioncube and Varnish can be found in this article on speeding up your shop with PHP 7 for Magento.

PHP 7.1

PHP 7.1 is available on Hypernode, but we only recommend Magento 2.2.x shops to upgrade to PHP 7.1. Earlier versions of Magento will likely run into compatibility issues. With earlier releases of Magento 2, issues have been reported with the mcrypt extension. Do you have a Magento 2.1.x shop and are you very keen on using PHP 7.1, please check this workaround published on Cadence-Labs.

While not officially supported, it is definitely possible to run Magento 1 on PHP 7.1. To do so install the Inchoo_PHP7 module. But if you do go down that route, read this meditation by Ivan Čurdinjaković from Inchoo.

Testing a PHP change

It is not possible to test with 2 PHP versions on one Hypernode. Before switching your PHP version we recommend you to test your shop to see if everything works as it should in the new PHP version. Testing your shop without having your customers notice anything can be done with Vagrant for Hypernode. Vagrant is a tool that gives you the opportunity to set up a virtual staging environment. You can also temporarily order a Hypernode development package to test.