Hypernode is the best Magento hosting platform-as-a-service, globally. Hypernode has been developed in close consultation with Magento developers, with the objective of having Magento web shops perform to best advantage and to make its development several times easier.

Please see our product pages for features, specs and pricing.

Technical specs / features

  • Cloud server instance with storage and a dedicated IP.
  • The best Magento development tools money can buy 🙂
  • Smart caching on several layers for best performance.
  • Outbound mail service.
  • Highly optimized for Magento 1 and 2 (over 300 OS and stack tweaks).
  • A brand new Magento installation/

Hypernode does not include:

  • A domain name. You can register your domain names at byte.nl or any another provider. Point the DNS to your Hypernode and you are good to go.
  • An inbound email service. So no mailboxes or forwarding service. We would recommend Gmail, Outlook.

So what does it cost?

  • Your trial is free of charge.
  • Hypernode will have a monthly fee, starting from 69,- euro per month plus VAT (domain name registration and/or email not included) depending on the plan. More information about the different plans can be found on the Hypernode website.
  • We offer development plans at a lower price than our standard plans. Perfect for development and testing purposes. Development plans can easily be upgraded to production plans and visa versa.
  • The contract term is only 1 month!


  • A single Hypernode should only be used for one Magento Shop. This is a common best practice to provide the best performance and security.
  • Some of the tools that we provide require remote terminal access (SSH). For example: our hypernode-importer script. However, using these tools is not mandatory, they are just for your convenience.
  • Hypernode uses the most modern and performant webserver, Nginx. If your current shop uses Apache, you should convert your .htaccess files over to Nginx. This is typically a trivial task.
  • Our Hypernode Professional and Excellence plans have historical backups included. If you require this type of backup on our smaller plans, we provide an easy solution as well.
  • Magento 2 requires preferably a Magento Grow plan or bigger.