We have two different levels of SLA, SLA Basic and SLA Standard. These SLA’s have different backup policies, which can be found below.

SLA Basic Backup Policy

If you have SLA Basic, the following policy applies. Backups are made every day and saved for seven days. We also save one backup per week for three weeks. This means you will have four weeks worth of backups.

Backups are rotated daily after the creation of a new backup. This implies that the backups that are older than four weeks will be automatically removed. To save storage costs, we do not keep additional backups older than four weeks, so please do not wait too long before requesting a backup.

By using the following command you attach the latest available snapshot to your node:

hypernode-systemctl attach_backup

If you need a less recent backup (older than one day), you need to contact Support. Please note we charge a fee for this:

SLA Basic SLA Standard
Most recent Hypernode Backup (AWS/Openstack) Free Free
Most recent Hypernode Backup (DigitalOcean) Free Free
Older Hypernode Backups € 100,- (ex VAT) Free

SLA Standard Backup Policy

If you have SLA Standard, you get extra backups on top of our basic backup policy. This means we create four backups per day for your Hypernode. These backups will be saved for 24 hours. You also have the weekly backups available. As a result you always have a backup available which is at most six hours old.

Please be aware that multiple and instant backups are not available for Hypernodes hosted on DigitalOcean.

Instant Shapshots

SLA Standard also gives you access to instant snapshots (max. four per day). Do you have maintenance planned for your webshop? Create instant snapshots in case of emergency. These instant snapshots are saved for two days.

There are two ways to instantly create and attach snapshot:

  1. Via the hypernode-systemctl tool
    • Create a snapshot on the spot by running the following command:
      hypernode-systemctl create_backup
    • List all snapshots:
      hypernode-systemctl list_backups
    • Attach specific snapshot:
      hypernode-systemctl attach_backup --backup-id [ID NUMBER]
      If you don’t specify an ID number, the most recent snapshot will be attached to your Hypernode.
  2. Via the Control Panel (for customers with access to my.hypernode.com)
    • Log in to the Control Panel and select the Hypernode you want to backup by clicking Go.
    • Click Backups in the sidebar to go to the backup page.
    • If you have SLA Standard, you can either select a premade backup from the list by clicking Attach Backup. Or you can click Instant Backup to create a snapshot. It will then appear in the list and you can attach it to your Hypernode by clicking the Attach Backup button.