Up or downgrading your hosting plan is very easy. The contract term of Hypernode plans is only 30 days and you can up or downgrade your plan any time you want. You only pay for what you use!

How to up or downgrade if you are a Dutch customer

Our Dutch customers can easily up or downgrade their hosting plan via their Service Panel.
Check this article on up or downgrading in our Dutch support documentation.

How to up or downgrade if you ordered via Hypernode.com

If you ordered your Hypernode hosting plan via Hypernode.com, please change your current plan via your control panel.

billing portal

  • On the Billing portal, select your current plan
  • Then click on Edit subscription

change subscription

  • Select the desired Hypernode plan from the drop-down menu and confirm your choice by clicking on Update subscription

Your subscription will be changed immediately; you will only pay for what you use.

Pay for what you use

What exactly do we mean by ‘pay for what you use’? An examle:

  • You ordered a Magento Professional L plan on June 1st, your contract end date is July 1st
  • On June 15th you downgrade your plan to a Magento Professional M
  • You only pay for 15 days of usage of a Magento Professional L plan
  • A new contract term starts for your Magento Professional M plan
  • Your new contract will be renewed automatically until you cancel your subscription or change your plan again