NB: 22-01-2016: Updating Magento with the ‘Web Setup Wizard’ is currently the only known way of upgrading Magento 2. Unfortunately we’ve been hearing a lot of sounds from developers and shop owners saying the Web Setup Wizard doesn’t work properly, giving a lot of error messages. Magento is looking into it.

NB: 04-08-2017 – We’ve seen several cases where your Magento 2 installation is deleted while using the setup wizard. This happens during the update process. Magento deletes the old files, but fails to put the new ones in place, resulting in a broken shop.

Currently (2017), there are many open issues on the Magento 2 Github repository regarding the usage of the Magento 2 Web Setup Wizard. When you configure your Magento 2 installation as recommended by Magento, a 404 will show instead of the wizard page.

Configure the Web Setup Wizard to work

Currently when visiting the Magento 2 Web Setup Wizard, a 404 error is thrown.

To reach the Magento web wizard use the following command:

Deconfigure the Web Setup Wizard

After updating your Magento we recommend you to remove the symlink because it is a vulnerability to have it publicly accessible. Use the following command to remove the public file: