To speed up your Magento 1 shop, it is recommended to pre-warm your full page cache. This will make sure the pages are fast for all visitors. There are several tools to do this using the sitemap.xml.

In this article we describe a few of them.

Warm your caches using the Hypernode performance Magerun plugin

Our own tool that is always present on all hypernodes is the hypernode:performance plugin.
This plugin can read all URLs from the sitemap.xml and crawl each URL while measuring response times and even compare speed between production and staging.

To use this plugin run the following command:

This will crawl all defined URLs in the sitemap.xml and generate a report afterwards.

*For an overview of all available options of the hypernode:performance Magerun plugin, check n98-magerun hypernode:performance --help

Warm your caches using the Turpentine cache warmer

When you have Turpentine installed, a cache-warmer by Nexcess is already shipped with Turpentine and therefor present in your Magento installation.

To make use of it, see the Varnish documentation.

Magento 2

Magento 2 ships with a full page Redis cache included in the package. Therefor an extension like LestiFPC is not needed for Magento 2.

For warming your caches on Magento 2, You can use the cache warmers we made ourselves instead. These can be found in our article about configuring Varnish for Magento 2