In our Support Documentation we often refer to the Control Panel and Service Panel. This article gives a quick overview of the differences between these two.

Service Panel

The Service Panel is for users who log in via and is only available in Dutch. These users are often referred to as our Dutch speaking customers, because they mostly registered via, which is our national flow.

The Service Panel gives users access to all sorts of settings, from email settings to Hypernode settings (PHP version, whitelisting, etc.). It also allows users to give other users specific rights, such as technical access only.

Control Panel

The Control Panel is for users who log in via and is mostly used by our international (i.e. non Dutch) users. The Control Panel is only available in English.

At the moment, the Control Panel is still a work in progress with new features being added regularly. However, please note that all settings, even those not available in the Control Panel yet, can also be managed via the hypernode-systemctl tool.

We’re working very hard to merge these panels, but unfortunately we cannot give you an ETA at the moment.