We advise Magento shop owners to always set a return path email address. By default the return-path for Hypernodes is noreply@hypernode.io. This e-mail address may be recognised as a SPAM address by SPAM filters, as it is a very generic email used on all Hypernodes without sane email configuration. Besides that, setting the return-path email designates an email address for all bounced emails. Not changing the default return path (noreply@hypernode.io) means you will never see your bounced or failed emails and you will never know if there is a problem with getting your email delivered.

Please have a look at this article on how to set a return path in Magento.

Return-path email bug in Magento 2

In a number of cases setting the return-path in some versions of Magento 2 does not work. The setting is ignored and the system’s return path is used anyway. This is a notorious bug in Magento 2 which unfortunately has not been fixed yet although the Magento Community Engineering team is aware of this issue.

Our fix for Hypernode customers

In order to provide a solution for Hypernode customers who experience issues with setting a return-path we have made it possible to override the system return path in a way that it will be kept across migrations between Hypernode plans. The setting is configurable by our customers themselves, so that they can update the default noreply@hypernode.io return-path to something else.

You can use the following command on your Hypernode to set the return-path to your own e-mail address via our API.

hypernode-systemctl settings override_sendmail_return_path --value mail@domain.ext

You can verify whether you entered the right return-path with the following command:

php -i | grep sendmail_path

Full details on this workaround can be found at our Hypernode Changelog.