Configure Hypernode to use your favorite editor

On Hypernodes there are several editors available to make your changes to your files. To configure your editor, you can either export the EDITOR variable in your environment, or change the .selected_editor file in your homedir (/data/web/) Set your editor using environment variables:

Set your editor using the .selected_editor file to Vim:

Or […]

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How to add keys to the SSH Keymanager

Please check first if your ordered your Hypernode (trial) via (Dutch users) or (English speaking users). Dutch users can find their SSH Keymanager in their Service Panel, English speaking users should go to their control panel. ‘How To’ for Dutch users You can easily add public SSH keys to your Hypernode environment by […]

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How to use SSH Keys on Hypernode

This tutorial shows how to create a keypair and use PuTTY (for Windows users) or Terminal (Linux and Mac OSX) to log in to your Hypernode. For Windows users; PuTTY To generate an SSH keypair and connect to your Hypernode, you’ll need to use three different programs; PuTTY, PuTTYgen and Pageant. Download these programs from the […]

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Hypernode-systemctl CLI tool

The hypernode-systemctl tool allows you to set certain values for your Hypernode via the command line interface. In the past we asked you to contact support or (if you are a Dutch customer) to go to your Service Panel to change a setting. The hypernode-systemctl tool saves valuable time and makes developing and maintaining a […]

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Importing a firewalled Magento through another server

A good firewall is rarely a bad thing, yet it can make some actions more complicated. Because some hosters only whitelist certain IPs, sometimes you might need to import a shop through a proxy. This article shows two methods of using the hypernode-importer for automatically migrating or copying Magento shops to another server in combination […]

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Log in to the Hypernode with SSH

Congratulations with your new Hypernode! To access it, you need to use an SSH client. This tutorial shows how to log in to the Hypernode with PuTTY (for Windows users) or Terminal (Linux and Mac OSX) using SSH. NB: If you want to create SSH keys, please read the article: Create SSH Keys on Hypernode. […]

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