RabbitMQ on Hypernode

RabbitMQ is available on Hypernode for all Excellence plans and all Professional M plans and up. Check the changelog here. What is RabbitMQ? Because Magento is a heavy and slow application, tasks are preferably executed in the background. To run tasks in the background you need queues. RabbitMQ is message-queueing software where queues can be […]

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Setup log rotation for Magento logs

Most production shops, will have no logging configured. In some cases you want the Magento development logging to remain enabled. A continuous growing log file in /data/web/public/var/log will reduce speed of your shop, so it’s important to avoid a log file that is bigger than a few MB’s. To make sure the log files don’t […]

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Setup PEAR and install PEAR packages

As PEAR is not installed by default. To make use of it, you’ll need to install it manually. These steps describe how to install PEAR in your own home directory. Get the PEAR installer:

Run the installer:

Adjust settings prior to installing PEAR: The installer will notice your are running the install as […]

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Setup php-redis-admin to manage your Redis caches

To manage your redis caches php-redis-admin is a very simple, yet very effective web based editor for your Redis databases. You can use it to show the contents of your Redis databases, view statistics, flush your databases and add or edit keys. This page shows you how to setup and configure php-redis-admin. Setup php-redis-admin Install […]

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SLA Backup Policies

We have two different levels of SLA, SLA Basic and SLA Standard. These SLA’s have different backup policies, which can be found below. SLA Basic Backup Policy If you have SLA Basic, the following policy applies. Backups are made every day and saved for seven days. We also save one backup per week for three […]

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Turn on MySQL query logging in Magento

Sometimes when debugging complex performance issues, it can be useful to log all database queries to a log file. Superusers are used to do this changing the query logging settings of the MySQL server. As enabling this requires root permissions, this functionality is not available to Hypernode users. Luckily Magento provides it’s own mechanism to […]

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Use wkhtmltopdf on your Hypernode

wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage are command line tools to render HTML into PDF and various image formats. These run entirely “headless” and do not require a display or display service. Both tools can be easily used on Hypernode by downloading the pre-compiled package from their website. Download wkhtmltopdf You can download wkhtmltopdf from their website. Choose […]

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Working with adminer.php on Hypernode

Adminer is a well-known, frequently used replacement for phpMyAdmin. It’s compiled into a single PHP script, which makes it very portable and extremely easy to install. To install on Hypernodes, we advice to use some additional configuration, that denies all IP’s that are not defined in the whitelist. Install Adminer

Configure Adminer Configure a […]

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Zero downtime deployment on Hypernode

For e-commerce shops like Magento, uptime is key. Customers may perceive downtime as a reason to leave a shop and check out the competition. But shop maintenance and shop development is almost as important as uptime. And shop maintenance often leads to downtime. So what is the ideal process of moving new code from a […]

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